Morning Session: Notes Before The Weekend

Happy Friday, friends! I am looking forward to the weekend! This week has been a long week at work. My job recently rolled out this new employee tracking program where they can monitor how productive we are as we work from home. It has made me kind of anxious because I am second guessing how productive I have been. I understand why they would want a program like that, but I think it totally sets people up to feel anxious and insecure in their performance. Micromanaging does not create productive, responsible employees, and anxiety is the last thing we all need during a crazy, stressful time like this.

We are only 8 days into 2021 and it has been crazy so far. I truly cannot believe what happened at the US Capitol building this week. This country has been in total upheaval and I really don’t see anyone backing down and practicing peace anytime soon. It is truly heartbreaking. If any of you are feeling scared or anxious right now, understand that you are not alone and take advantage of every opportunity you can to love yourself and others. There is a lot of chaos in the world but you always have the opportunity to shape your own life and pay attention to where you shift your focus. My comments are always open if you need to talk! You can even head to my Contact Page and shoot me an email if you want. I know that this is a lot and it is really starting to get to all of us. Last night I was starting to feel so blah about being in the house and watching the madness unfold. I decided to take a Trader Joe’s run and stop at Ben & Jerrys to get some ice cream so I could feel more normal and happy again. And guess what? It helped! Do not underestimate the power of getting out and treating yourself.

Earlier this week I started my 2021 vision board. As I sat down to work on my board, I started to feel very passionate about all the things I want to achieve in 2021. Like most of you, I have many goals this year. I have health goals, financial milestones I would like to accomplish, and places I would like to travel to (if COVID allows). I found that all my goals have one theme in common: I want to do more. I feel like for most of us, 2020 was a year of sitting back. That time to sit back and just be was very important for me. I really enjoyed “being” instead of mindlessly “doing”. I feel that 2020 truly allowed me the opportunity to get real about my life and examine how I am spending it. For that alone, I am grateful. I realized that life can be super unpredictable and can flash by in a blink of an eye. Although I am still in my early 20s, a part of me already feels like a lot of my life has gone by without me making as much progress as I would have wanted to. Of course, everything happens as it should. In the past, I didn’t have the awareness that I have now. Now that I have awareness and purpose, I want to use it instead of just sitting around and kind of lazily going through my life.

In 2021 I want to grab every opportunity that I can to make things happen. My newfound awareness has made it so clear to me when people are wasting away and ignoring their own life. I don’t want to be the person who sits on the couch, yells at the TV while watching the news, while proceeding to eat Doritos and do absolutely nothing to contribute to the situation they are angry about. I find that these days a lot of people are wasting away. Whether it is on their phones, by watching too much TV, or by being paralyzed by fear and anxiety, many people are not living. I find that my screen time is way too high and that I spend a lot of time considering other people’s judgements instead of living more freely. This year, I want to shed that and live in a more free and happy way. Yesterday I downloaded the mediation app ‘Waking Up” and so far it has been helpful. I am only on day 2 but I trust that it will help me to be more aware. When I become more experienced with it, I will fill you guys in on it more. My intention with meditation is to become more self aware and present so that I can live a more prioritized and satisfied life.

What are your goals for 2021? I hope you all have an amazing weekend. Take time this weekend to have fun and connect more with your true self. Resist the urge to scroll through social media, mindlessly going about your day. Intentional living is fulfilling living.

Let’s grow together.

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