This Song Will Be Your Manifestation Anthem

New Year, new me! Isn’t that we all say this time of year? We promise ourselves to be healthier, kinder, more eco friendly versions of ourselves? Then we wait a couple weeks and quietly slip back into the same old habits and make the same resolutions again next year (upside down smiley face emoji vibes). If you have read any of my recent posts (like you Habits To Help Keep Your Resolutions or This Is The First Step To An Intentional Year) you would know that I am NOT trying to repeat those old patterns again. I want this year to be a year of change. Life is very uncertain and way too short to live a life that does not resemble what you want.

A major concept that comes up every January is the concept of manifestation. Manifestation is basically having an emotion or feeling made real through attraction and focus. This has been practiced for many years in many different forms, and labeled under various names. Overall, the goal of manifestation is to make your dreams a reality. The main goal of manifestation is ensuring that your energy is pure and focused. You have to be clear about what you want and believe without a doubt that what you want can and will be yours. It takes commitment and determination.

Late last year Ariana Grande released her newest album Positions and I instantly fell in love with her song Just Like Magic. This has become my manifestation anthem! Not only are her vocals flawless and the tune catchy, but the lyrics embody the exact energy that I need to accomplish my 2021 goals. With lyrics that say “just like magic, I get everything I want ’cause I attract it” and “take my pen and write some love letters to Heaven,” this song totally puts me in the mood to check my energy and have positive, magnetic energy. Your energy is affected by absolutely everything in your environment. The people, you are with, places you are at, and the media you watch and listen to. It is so important to keep your energy pure and positive. A lot of modern music is focused on negativity like breakups, haters, drugs, etc. This is the perfect song to put on repeat when you are cultivating positive energy. Happy listening!

Which songs are on your manifestation playlist?

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