Weekend In Photos: Coffee Shops, Cameras, And Potential Podcasts

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a great weekend. It was great to take a break from work and unwind and enjoy myself. My intention for the weekend was to have fun and be creative. I feel as if I actually accomplished that so I am very happy about that. My sister got me a camera for Christmas because I have wanted to get more into photography. I have always loved the arts and I feel as if I owe it to myself to really hone in on my creativity. Also, in early December I got the iPhone 12 pro (in the gorgeous dark blue shade) and it takes amazing photos so I have been playing around with that as well. If you are in the market for a new phone I highly recommend the 12. I really love it and the camera is definitely the best feature.

Because I love a good coffee date, this weekend I decided to take my sister to The Village Blend in Sloatsburg, NY. I love going to this little, picturesque coffee shop because not only does it have rich coffee, it also has such a cute, rustic vibe. It is nestled between a delicious market and gorgeous event hall, making it feel like I’m in a Hallmark movie (lol). One of my favorite things about this coffee shop is the decor. Aside from having such beautiful decor throughout all the seasons, they have gorgeous light fixtures and exposed brick walls. The tree stump coffee tables and wooden benches create a very farm-like feel.

During this visit I ordered an iced caramel latte and shared banana bread with my sister. I have always loved coffee, but have been extra into it these past few weeks, so I was very grateful to have a tasty cup. The shop added on a little extended seating area to accommodate COVID guidelines, making it easy for my sister and I to find a spot to sit. From my seat I had a beautiful view of the mountains. I love this area in New York because it is so woodsy and natural, a major difference from New York City even though it is less than an hour away.

My sister and I took photos and had a good conversation about our goals for the new year. I love bonding and talking over coffee. It feels so intimate and cozy. After lunch we drove back home and took some photos in the car. I really loved my outfit and wanted to document it and post a photo on Instagram (lol). I love fashion and I have found that since I started my 9-5 job in 2019 ( I cannot believe I have been there so long already), I have not been playing around as much with fashion that I normally would. I think it stemmed from always being in my corporate clothes. I feel so much better when I dress in a way that I like so I am making an effort to play around more with my looks. I recently got this Katrine Hoop Earring Set from Anthropologie and I have been wearing them everyday. I love all the styles, especially the chunky hoop! It pairs well with any outfit and gives a trendy and classy touch to my outfits. So far dressing well has made me feel more confident and pretty so it is a win for me! I love fashion and have been thinking of maybe mixing in some more fashion posts. Would you guys be interested in that?

Another thing I have been thinking of starting is a podcast. Over the weekend my friend and I discussed starting one together and I’m starting to consider it. We had a very interesting discussion about dreams and how to properly analyze them so you can use them as a way to grow. Halfway through the conversation we were like “wow we should have recorded that.” It has always been a dream of mine to have my own talkshow so I’m thinking a podcast may be a good place to start. I love listening to podcasts so it would be really cool to have my own one day. If I had one it would probably be about personal development and also just random, interesting topics and conversations. My friends and I already tend to have structured, podcast type conversations so it would be fairly organic transition for us! Do guys listen to podcasts? If you have a podcast comment below what the name is so I can check it out! If not, comment what your dream podcast would be about.

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