Torne Valley Vineyard: The Local Destination For An Escape

Nestled in upstate New York, on the border of New Jersey and an hour away from Manhattan, lies a vineyard that will make your feel as if you have been transported back in time. As you drive up Torne Valley Vineyards, located in Hillburn, NY, you may find yourself kind of confused. Perhaps you will hear that the GPS say “arrived” and you will scrunch your nose confused thinkg “where is it?” You keep driving and then suddenly…boom. There it is. An old Victorian mansion nestled next to rows and rows of grapevines. It looks so intimidating, standing tall with a look of wisdom. You might think “I wonder how many parties were thrown in that old house?” It has a Great Gatsby feel, causing you to picture yourself in another time walking in through the doors and bouncing into an enchanting soiree.

Torne Valley Vineyard is the first fully functioning winery in Rockland County, NY. The mansion was first built in 1875 by industrialist Charles Pierson. Since then, the estate has been sold and added on to many times. The mansion, which lays on 15 acres, has been reimagined and restored, still holding onto it’s original elegance.

I went in with the intention of trying out the wine tasting, only to find that I came an hour before closing and the tastings had finished for the day. Fortunately, the owner Debbie, (and sweetest woman ever) informed me that there was still plenty to do. She seated me at a table in the room over where a live band was playing. This room was exceptionally cozy and inviting, especially since I was seated next to a large fireplace. A live band was playing and singing Fleetwood Mac songs (my favorite) and various groups of people were seated at tables around me. I ordered a glass of Riesling (another one of my favorites) and a cheese board. So basically, I was in heaven.

After my snack, they brought out the dessert menu and the peanut butter chocolate cake instantly caught my eye. This cake delicious and the perfect thing to top off my cozy stay. Once I was done eating I decided to stroll along the lower level of the building, taking in the rich history and beautiful art pieces. The walls are adorned with paintings and intricate details. I love that they didn’t tear down the building, but instead restored the classic details that make the old home so enchanting.

If you are in the NY/NJ area I totally recommend checking this place out. Debbie mentions also making a visit in the summer so I can grab a glass of wine and stroll around the property. Seems pretty dreamy to me. I’ll be back.

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