Notes From The Weekend: Psychedelics And Stocks

It is officially the weekend! How has January been for you all so far? This month I have made it my goal to educate myself and to do more. I found that I have become way more of a viewer in life than an actual participant. My true self loves activity and creation, so I owe it to myself to live a more active and engaging life. In an attempt to get my life together in 2021, I finally did what I have been talking about doing for a long time- I invested in stocks! I have been wanting to do this since March and somehow never actually got around to it (I am now kicking myself as I see how much money I could have made if I had invested in TSLA back then). I invested in a couple stocks and contributed to my 401K and I feel so good about it! It just feels really good to take action, you know? If any of you are looking to give your finances a little TLC but don’t where to start, I would recommend first opening up a Mint account. Mint is a really awesome and user friendly money management site where you can track all your accounts, create budgets, and set goals. Once I had my Mint account, it become much easier to see how much I could afford to invest. I use Fidelity Investments to manage my stocks, and have since linked my Fidelity account to Mint. This makes it even easier to track all of my finances. Next thing on my list is to link my student loans account so I can really have a wide view my assets. In 2020 I was very fortunate to be able to manage my finances the way that I did. I really made an effort to save and be more financially conscious and I definitely want to continue with that in 2021.

Money management wasn’t the only thing I did this weekend. I also began researching psychedelics. I know what you’re thinking “…um what?” Let me explain. I recently was introduced to the concept of using psychedelics, specifically MDMA and psilocybin magic mushrooms, as a form of therapy. My friend mentioned to me that he believes that I should invest in psychedelic companies because he believes that within the next couple of years, psychedelics will become mainstream in medicine. I try not to take a strong stance on something until I have researched it further, so I decided to look into this. I was surprised to find that using psychedelics as a tool of emotional healing is not very uncommon (especially surprising considering it is not legal). Of course, do you own research and DO NOT administer any type of medication without consulting a medical professional. Also, I will mention again that THIS IS NOT LEGAL. Now, with that said, I thought I would share some of my findings. Psychedelic therapy refers to the therapeutic practice involving using psychedelic drugs such as MDMA, LSD, psilocybin, etc. Unlike psychiatric medication, which is taken by a patient on an as needed basis, psychedelic medication is an extended therapy session where the patient will stay at the facility overnight so that they can be monitored before taking the drug, during the experience, and afterwards. Before the session, the therapist will prepare the patient for what may occur. During the session, the therapist is non directive and will document the patient’s inner experience. The therapist may ask guided questions and help the patient work through trauma. At no point is the patient experiencing the “trip” alone. Based on studies conducted thus far, data has shown that psychedelics can help to cure depression, anxiety, and PTSD. Nowadays, popping antidepressants are as common as taking a daily vitamin, so if this were to prove to be affective, it would be a major win. I also found that microdosing (taking a small fraction of the drug) on a daily basis is another common practice among the psychedelic community. Studies have found that this can help with social anxiety and productivity, similar to Adderall. Overall, the findings are very interesting and if you are someone who is interested in psychology, I think you will enjoy researching this topic. Let me know your thoughts on it. I am very interested to hear any of your first impressions and findings.

I hope you guys had a great weekend. What did you do? Comment below!

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