This Location Is A Surprising Source Of Motivation

Hey, friends! If you are in the U.S. or familiar with American politics, you would know that this year is definitely off to an… interesting start. There is division, political upheaval, and an ongoing pandemic. All of the stress and uncertainty, mixed with spending the majority of my time at home, has started to really mess with my mental health. This pandemic is especially hurting my mental health because ever since I was a kid I have always loved being out of the house. I could never relate to homebodies, I just did not see the appeal of being home all day. I think it stems from two things. One, being the fact I am a fully a Gemini. I absolutely love being adventurous and spontaneous. I like to have some structure in my life but I also love to schedule in time for being spontaneous (lol not sure if that makes sense). The other reason I love being out of the house is because I tend to overthink. When I’m home I get lost in my thoughts and allow my thoughts to control me. If not controlled, it can become extremely overwhelming and heavy. So, that being said, although I love that I have the opportunity to work from home and complete my tasks in a more comfortable space, I also miss being out of the house more.

I still go to coffee shops and spend some time out, but it has changed drastically. Fortunately, I recently went out and found the outing surprising motivating. My sister recently started a new job and has been wanting to get new outfits for work and the other day she invited me to the mall with her to go shopping. Guys, I cannot even believe to tell you how good I felt at the mall. I know that probably sounds strange and you might be thinking “the mall? Really? Well, yes. Really. There is something about the energy in the mall (specifically this one) that lifts my energy. Going into different stores and exploring various styles reminds me how vast the world is and how different people are. I see a certain style or brand and it reminds me where I came from and where I’m going. To me, it has become symbolic. Growing up I always loved fashion and I pictured myself at different stages of life based on what my style would be. For example, trying on a pricy, sophisticated coat makes me feel as if I am sophisticated and further along in my career. Of course, a coat doesn’t actually do any of that, but it helps me to understand where I want to be in life and helps me to truly manifest it with emotion. If you do not typically put much effort into your style, I encourage you to try it out. Dress in a way that you love, in a way that reflects the person that you want to be. You will be amazed by how good it makes you feel and by differently you show up to the world because of it.

I also feel motivated at the mall because I use style as a form of self expression. I am the type of person who uses my outfits and makeup to enhance my mood. I am a creative person and aesthetic is crucial for me. I come into my self and can be expressive through my looks. Being able to see, feel, and wear clothes that reflect me is such an amazing and fulfilling feeling.

Overall, being in public provides perspective that you can’t get by being home, even if you are on the internet researching an assortment of topics. Being in public and around people from various walks of life is such an important part of growth. Diversity is so important. It can stop wars and expand your mind past what you would have thought possible. Of course, do not risk your health. However, if there is a way for your safely have physical, in person diversity, I encourage you to do so.

Although travel has been paused, it does not mean that you can’t see new things and have new experiences. One of my favorite quotes says:

“Travel. Even if it’s just down the block. Or farther. Always go father. Change your environment, take a trip, go see what other people are doing.”

What have to be doing to expand your mind during this time? Comment your tips in the comment section. We can all learn from each other. Let’s grow together.

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