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More than ever I have been interested in expanding my gold jewelry collection. I got my ears pieced at 3 months old and have been wearing earrings consistently since then! Ever since I was young, I have loved jewelry and fashion. I remember going to Claire’s and getting so excited to buy a near pair of earrings (lol). I loved studs, hoops, dangly earrings, etc. Basically anything I could find! I went through years and years of buying customer jewelry from various stores because I loved the different styles but could not afford to buy such a large quantity of real silver and gold.

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Customer jewelry is a great alternative to the real stuff and it definitely serves a purpose if you are interested in fast fashion and trendier styles. As I get older I find that my style is becoming more classic and timeless, I gravitate to more simple and dainty jewelry, as oppose to bold styles. Because my style is becoming more classic, and I don’t want to have to replace the same ring style over and over again due to rust, I have decided to invest more in my real gold jewelry collection.

I decided to head over to Mejuri’s site and browse their 14k gold jewelry. I love Mejuri’s style nevus they have dainty, timeless pieces that are perfect for every day wear. lately I have been loving rings and I have been inspired by a simple gold band that my mother received from her grandmother years ago. I remember her wearing it all my life and I love the idea of having my own simple gold band that my future children will remember me wearing. If you are looking for a beautiful ring that you can wear everyday, I highly recommend Mejuri. They have tons of timeless, unique styles. For my first purchase I decided to snag the Diamond Line Ring in gold. You can purchase this ring on the site for $245 and has an estimated retail value of $645! So basically it’s a steal. I love this ring because it turns a simple, thin gold band into something a little more special by adding the line of diamonds.

I bought this ring for my birthday in June and I was so happy to have found a 15% off coupon because this ring is pretty expensive. Mejuri does not always have sales so I definitely try to take advantage of the sales when I can.

My next purchase from the brand came in a couple weeks ago. Mejuri had an awesome Black Friday deal this year. They had 10% off one item, 15% off two, and 20% off three. This past Black Friday I ordered two more pieces from the site.I got another ring, this time I picked up the Diamonds Band. This was actually the band I wanted to order the first time around, but it was sold out! I was so happy to finally get my hands on it! They have an option for engraving so I decided to have “12 a.m.” engraved on the inside. I always find that I think more clearly and am more in touch with myself and my emotions during the wee hours of the morning so 12 a.m. symbolized me staying true to myself and not getting caught up in all the drama and rush of the world. This ring sells on Mejuri for $335 and has an estimated retail value of $990.

The second item I purchased is the Duo Necklace. I have always really loved dainty gold necklaces that can be worn everyday and I thought this one would be a perfect one for that. I literally never take this necklace off. Since it is 14k gold I keep in on during showers. I love how this resembles an infinity band and that it is simple, yet has the twisted detailing on one of the links. This necklace is $280 with a retail value of $895.

I absolutely love the everything that I ordered and I will definitely adding to my collection in the future. Their jewelry is very durable and I expect them to last me a lifetime. If you are looking for affordable gold jewelry I totally recommend checking them out!

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