Notes Before The Weekend: Practice Gratitude

Happy Friday, friends! Another week has passed and we are now entering the weekend. I am so happy that it is Friday! This week I have felt pretty overwhelmed. I had so many tasks and projects that I have been doing for myself and also that I have been helping others with. I realized that I have a tendency to bite off more than I can chew and it leaves me feeling overwhelmed and anxious. I have recently fallen off of the organization wagon and am now trying to get back on. I began writing in my High Performance Planner again and I am loving it. I forgot how much this helps with my focus. It asks very detailed and specific questions that inspire me to be more intentional with my actions throughout the day. I highly recommend this to anyone who is looking to purchase a planner. This one will keep you extremely organized and I find that it most definitely helps me to perform at a higher level.

This week, during the peak of my stress, I decided to treat myself to some new candles. If you follow me on Instagram you may have noticed that I love candles. I started a new work from ritual: after I make (or buy) my coffee I light a candle. Lighting candles in the morning helps me to relax and start my day in such a peaceful way. My favorite store to buy candles from is Anthroplogie because they carry high quality candles that both smell and look good. Because these candles are expensive, it is important to me that I buy one that looks good so that I can reuse the container once the wax has melted all the way through. The current candle that I am loving is Voluspa’s French Cade Lavender. I absolutely love this scent because it is very fresh and clean, the perfect candle to light in the morning or when cleaning. This floral scent is described as a “refreshing blend of French cadewood, lavender, verbena and moss.” The packaging of this candle is so elegant and gorgeous. I definitely plan on reusing this container. I recently finished my Voluspa Baltic Amber and cleaned out the container so it could hold my makeup brushes! I also picked up the Voluspa Maison Candle in the scent Vanille Bourbon. This scent is categorized as a spice and described as smelling like fragrant vanilla beans – ground and distilled for extract.” It has a warm, yet somewhat musky scent. It is a delicious scent for wintertime. It makes me want to wrap a throw over my shoulders and watch the snow fall lol. If you are in the market for a new candle, check out Voluspa’s scents.

This weekend my plan is to destress and enjoy myself. I want to take time to get organized and also just be without feeling pressure to perform. Another thing I want to do this weekend is practice gratitude. I will never forget the first time I understood the importance of practicing gratitude. In college I took a stress management course as an elective. My homework throughout the semester was to everyday write down three things that I am grateful. My professor urged us to not jot down the easy, basic things such as friends, family, and health. She wanted us to be creative and think outside of the box. Each day I had to pick a new things and this forced me to really examine my life and notice all the wonderful things around me. This exercise slowly but surely transformed my perspective, allowing my cluttered mind to see all the miracles that are in my life. If you have not consistently practiced gratitude, you should definitely try it out because it will have a major positive impact on your life. This weekend, instead of feeling down and bad about how much (or little) I am performing, I want to practice gratitude and remind myself of the beauty that I am and all of the beauty that is around me. Who will be practicing with me?

Let’s grow together.

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