Roots Cafe: Good Food + Good Vibes

There are many reasons why someone may eat at a particular restaurant. It could be because of the food, the people, the location. While all those aspects are important, one of my favorite reasons to eat at a restaurant is because of the atmosphere. I love how creative and cool restaurants are these days. Long gone are the days of plain tablecloths and boring menus. Today restaurants have much more character. I am so grateful to live in the tristate area because restaurants here tend to be more innovative and trendy. Recently I visited the plant-based restaurant Roots Café in Northvale, NJ. The last time I visited Roots was in the summertime when it was warm enough to sit outside. Because of the weather, Roots was operating out of a food truck and had various seating areas outside. Now that it is freezing out, they have moved out of the food truck and created a more enclosed seating area. The atmosphere is charmingly edgy and rustic. It is filled with books, antique finds, and lush plants. Aside from the decor, the food is both healthy and delicious. I love that they found a way to make healthy food look and taste good. I ordered the:

Hot chocolate (cacao, date, and coconut)

Neat Balls (“meatballs” made with carrots, almonds, sun-dried tomatoes & spices served on a bed of mixed greens and topped with our homemade sauce & cashew cheese)

Beyond Good Burrito (plantain & flax seed wrap stuffed with mixed greens, tomato, red onion, avocado & red pepper cashew nacho cheese)

Stuffed Avocado (Avocado halves stuffed with mushroom & walnut taco “meat”, pico, & cashew sour cream)

Everything I tried tasted so light and refreshing. I love that I can get full from this food without feeling bloated and gross. The only thing I was not crazy about was the hot chocolate. My taste buds haven’t yet adapted to the taste of hot chocolate if it is not filled with sugar (lol). I wanted to share some pics of my visit with you guys.


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