Why You Should Shop Locally And How To Have Fun Doing It

The pandemic has devastated many small businesses. As someone who enjoys the pleasure of going to quaint, stores with character, I hate to see these stores struggle and go out of business. While shopping at major retailers like Amazon and Target have obvious benefits, local businesses need our support more than ever. It may not always be as convenient to shop at a local store (I’m looking at you Amazon Prime) but I think many of us have become a little too focused on convenience and have lost site of the many benefits of shopping locally. Not only does shopping locally support local businesses and in turn promote entrepreneurship, but it allow you the opportunity to get out of the house and experience life. Even something as simple as visiting a local store plays a role in your growth. Going into a new environment and socializing with other people is crucial for happiness and a growth mindset. The pandemic has forced us into our homes and divided us in many ways. It is extremely important to stay safe and protect yourself and those around you, however, do not use the pandemic as an excuse to become a recluse. If there is a safe way for you to get out of your house and socialize or travel somewhere new, take the opportunity to do so. If you still feeling unmotivated to shop locally, consider having fun with it by:

Promoting Individuality

Like I said, shopping locally is not as convenient as quickly opening your laptop and ordering a product on Amazon Prime. However, it can be much more fun. Shopping locally allows you to support local artisans and promote small businesses in your community. These days personal style is no longer mainstream, everyone sort of wears and uses the same products. I miss the days of personal style. When shopping locally you can more easily find cool and unique products that you won’t see plastered all over social media. Shopping at local boutiques is a great way to ensure that you are not wearing the same outfit as everyone else in town. This helps you to broadcast your own personal style and be result in you being more creative.

While I love shopping locally for clothing and accessories, this is also a great way to shop for food. Local markets tend to have very fresh and speciality foods that you otherwise would not pick up if you ordered your groceries online from a mainstream supermarket. This is a great way to discover foods from other cultures and expand your palette. Local artisans tend to focus more presentation of their product than large retailers do, so you can almost always guarantee to find your new found treasures dressed delicately in a handmade package.

Being adventurous

Shopping locally is a great way to be adventurous and explore new towns. I love nearby town and exploring their downtown shops. Throughout my travels I have treated myself to handmade candles, wellness crystals and sage sprays, delicious chocolate truffles, and even gorgeous coin pouches. When exploring these shops I have met many interesting shop owners who have a lot of wisdom to share. This is a great way to expand your mind and gain a new perspective without traveling far or spending a lot of money. You do not have to go far to indulge in new experiences.

Photo by Laura James on Pexels.com

Bringing a friend

When shopping locally and exploring a new town you may find that you enjoy the process more if you bring a friend. This can be a fun opportunity to elevate your activities with friends. Inviting someone else will also motivate you wonder through shops you normally would not, since you have another person with you who has other interests. Some of the most charming shops I have wondered around in was entered because a friend suggested we take a look.

This year I want to make an effort to support local, small businesses. Not only will it help them, but it will also help me by expanding my mind and promoting individuality. Do you shop locally?

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