This Meditation App Will Help You Unlock Your Brain (And Includes A Free Subscription)

Happy Sunday, friends! I hope you all have a fantastic weekend and are feeling good about this upcoming week. Since the new year, I have really been trying to stay on top of my healthy habits. My current healthy morning routine consists of lots of stretching, drinking water, and meditating. I used to be a night time meditation girl, but I am now loving morning meditations. It helps me to start my day intentionally focused and peaceful. I love peaceful mornings and I love how morning meditation helps me to avoid overthinking, negative thoughts, and overall poor mood in my morning and throughout the day. Daily meditation deserves a spot in your daily routine because it:

  • reduces stress
  • controls anxiety
  • promotes emotional health
  • enhances self awareness
  • lengthens attention span

I recently started using the Waking Up meditation app by Sam Harris. Harris is a neuroscientist, philosopher, and New York Times best-selling author. His goal is for others to better understand the mind so that they can have a more purposeful, balanced, and fulfilling life. The app has guided meditations and lessons available to follow on topics such as mind and emotion, the illusory self, free will, and more. The app also has interviews and Q&A’s with Harris. Harris believes in using theory to “ground your meditation experience in practical wisdom, ethical insights, and a rational understanding of the world.”

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This is my first time using a meditation app and so far I am really enjoying it. In the past I would find various videos on Youtube that have guided mediations. While doing those meditations are effective, I do like the structure and process that comes with an app. Throughout the days, gradually Harris will add new techniques and concepts to the meditation that allows me to continue to learn, grow, and become more aware. The introductory mediation course is listed by day and really helps me to track my consistency.

One of the main reasons I shied away from meditation apps was because I did not want to pay the costly subscription fees. The Waking Up app costs $14.99 for a monthly subscription and $119.99 for an annual subscription. One of the coolest things about this app is Harris’ philosophy on paying for a subscription. He does not believe that meditation and understanding your mind should be costly. He states that if you have to chose between the app or something else, do not pay for the app. He will give every single person who asks for it, a free 1 year subscription, no questions asked. I find this policy to be absolutely incredible. Typically, mental health practices and services are extremely expensive, causing those who cannot afford it to be left without resources. This app makes it possible for everyone, regardless of finances, to get the help that they need. If you are interested in trying the app out, here is the link to a free subscription.

If you are an on-the-go type of person who would like to practice mindfulness, this app may be the resource you have been missing. Say goodbye to having to search to find meditations, and instead keep them all in one place. What is your go-to meditation practice? Do you use a meditation app? If so, which one? Comment below.

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