Cozy Coffee Shop: Pierre and Michel Authentic French Bakery

Nestled between shops in down Ridgewood, NJ is authentic French Bakery, Pierre & Michel. I decided to visit the family owned bakery because it focuses on traditional taste of old world Paris. The bakery, passed on from father to son, sets itself apart from other local bakeries due to the fact that the owner has studied at Ecole de Boulangerie et Patisserie in Paris and famous french house LeNotre. He specializes in various pastries such as petit gateau, chocolates, artisanal breads, and Macarons. He has also prepared pastries at 4 star Hotel Concorde Lafayette and Maison Privat Boulangerie Patisserie. At the look of his resume, I am sure you can already imagine how much tradition and detail goes into everything prepared at Pierre & Michel.

I visited the shop on a Sunday after seeing the long line at my regular go-to coffee shop. That long line ended up introducing to one of my new favorite bakeries. As soon as I walked in I noticed the ambience. Instantly soft jazz danced into my ears and the scent of fresh croissants lingered. It feels like you are entering a quaint coffee shop in Paris. I ordered a vanilla latte (my go to) and a Metisse (dark chocolate, creme brûlée filling, hazelnut crunch and chocolate sponge cake.) While my sister ordered French hot chocolate and a Hazelnut Layer Cake.

Hazelnut Layer Cake
Metisse Cake
French Hot Cholocate

Normally I am not a huge pastry person but I must say this was the best cake I have ever had from a bakery! It tasted like the cake version of Ferrero Rocher chocolate. Everything there was good but I was by far most impressed with this cake. I absolutely will be visiting again soon and next time I would like to order the hot chocolate and another chocolate pastry. If you are in the area I suggest you stop by too.

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