A Day In Photos: Birthdays and Breakfast

The past week couple of weeks been a very celebratory time in my family. I have been wanting to post this but have gotten sidetracked because I have been trying to get caught up on some work. As I mentioned in a previous post, my sister Briana and my cousin both turned 25 this past week (a day apart from each other) and it has been constant celebration! We had an amazing time going to dinner and enjoying looking at the stunning New York City skyline. We first ate at Cuban Caribbean restaurant Rebecca’s in Edgewater, NJ for my cousin’s birthday and then on Saturday night I went to the seafood steakhouse Chart House in Weehawken, NJ. The food at both restaurants were great and I really enjoyed getting dressed up and going out to dinner because I have not done that to that extent in awhile. On Sunday we had dinner at home because there was a small snowstorm and then we went out and got cake and wine for my sister’s birthday. At this point I felt like celebrations were basically over but I totally underestimated the extent that my sister was going to go to to make this birthday special! Last week Monday was her actual birthday so I finally gave her the gifts I was dying to show her! I made her a little goodie bag with sheet masks, setting spray, a Nordstrom gift card, and a gift card to Araya Rebirth Spa in Ridgewood, NJ. One of the most exciting parts of the gifts were the amazing custom doughnuts that I ordered for her. You guys may not be aware of this, so let me put you on to one of the coolest features that Dunkin Donut’s has. Certain locations offer customized letter and number doughnuts as long as you order 6 at a time. I got her the letters B-R-I-W (to spell out Bri W) and numbers 2 and 5 for (25). You can get these doughnuts in either glaze, strawberry frosted and vanilla frosted and you can add sprinkles. Guys, these doughnuts came out so good and she LOVED them. She got so emotional and thought it was the coolest thing ever. After were done obsessing (and eating) the doughnuts we headed to brunch.

Brownstone Pancake Factory

On Monday morning we went to brunch at Brownstone Pancake Factory in Edgewater, NJ. This pancake house has another location in Englewood Cliffs and offers a ton of creative and fun breakfast options ranging from classic bacon, egg, and cheese to fruity pebbles cheesecake pancakes. I was not quite ready to order something as extravagant as the fruity pebble pancakes so I stuck to avocado toast with poached egg and a side of home fries. My sister ordered churro french toast with strawberries, while my mom ordered bacon, egg, and cheese on a croissant. We also ordered a side of mini waffles. Everything, especially the churro french toast, was so good! Next time I go I definitely want to order that for my meal.


After brunch my sister wanted to get a coffee so we stopped by this coffee shop Kuppi that we have been wanting to check out. Kuppi has outdoor seating that is right on the Hudson River and has a great view of Manhattan.

After leaving Kuppi we were not yet ready to head home yet so we drove down the road to the see the skyline (because apparently we didn’t get enough of it over the weekend lol). We parked down the street and walked down to that water. It was freezing outside so I was gripping my hot tea like crazy for warmth lol. We ended up just taking a couple pictures and going back to the car because we were so freezing.

The birthday celebrations are now officially over and I’m happy to settle back into a more organized life. If you like this post, it would mean a lot to me if you would like, share, and comment!

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