Happiness Hacks: How To Find Your Purpose

What Do You Do?

That question sounds very broad. You might be thinking “what do I do? I do a lot of things.” If so, good for you, because most of us do just a couple things over and over again. Take a moment and think about what a week in your life looks like. How do you spend your mornings? How long do you take to pick out your clothes for the day? Do you brush your hair? What do you eat for breakfast? The same thing everyday? What do you eat for dinner? Do you eat alone? How do you spend your weekends? Do you read books?

What do you do?

When we are young we think about all the cool, fun things we want to do throughout our life. We daydream about vacations, parties, and pets. We dream big and we imagine a spectacular life worthy of a reality TV show.

What Do You Want?

Now I have another question. What do you want? What does your ideal daily life look like. Imagine you wake up in a perfect world that is catered to your imagination. What does that world look like? Is it cold? Who is with you? Are you alone? Do you swim? Are you indoors?

What does it look like?

Take a moment to answer these questions. Describe your daily life and then describe your ideal world. How do they compare? Are they exactly the same, closely similar, or lightyears apart? If they do not resemble each other, how does that make you feel? Do you mind? Are you willing to change it?

Many of us are not active participants in our life. Recently my friend texted me something very interesting. He said “I feel like i’m not the main character in my life.” What a powerful statement. I think a lot of us live life this way. Instead of being in control of our lives and prioritizing our dreams and happiness, we allow for other people to dictate how we live. So many of us take a job and then try to fit our lifestyles around the job. Instead of prioritizing how we would like to live, we try to squeeze our ideal lifestyles around a work schedule and end up failing miserably at having a desirable life. I am not saying to neglect your job and screw money all together. I am just saying that perhaps we would be lighter, softer, and happier humans if we lived the way we wanted. Crazy concept, right? How would your life be different if you decided to live in a way that you love, and through that, you found a way of income? This world is vast and full of possibilities. There are all kinds of forms incomes, maybe the one that is right for you is not what you originally thought. Maybe it is much greater and more related to your passion. Maybe you do not have to sacrifice at all.

Allow Yourself Grace And Space

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

I am starting this process and I am realizing how stressful it is now. It definitely is not easy to think outside of the box and travel on a road less traveled. The world that we live in does not make walking to the beat of your own drum easy. It can be very stressful and difficult to do something like this. If you are considering giving yourself the opportunity to create your dream world, make sure that you are giving yourself grace and space. Do not beat yourself up for not being further along or for falling into certain traps. It’s okay. You are not running out of time, you are exactly where you are supposed to be. Instead, praise yourself for having the strength to move on with your life and be greater than you were before. You cannot achieve your dream if you are constantly putting yourself down.

Another thing to keep in mind during this process is to allow yourself space. Sometimes doing absolutely nothing is exactly what you need. You do not need to be everywhere or do everything. What you need is to be free of the constraints of society. When you are in a happy and free place you will be able to get in touch with your soul and become clear about what truly makes you happy.

Ignore The Noise

Unfortunately, doing what makes your authentic self happy is not always trendy. You be faced with questions and criticism from those who do not have your best ones in mind, and also from those who do love you. Spoiler alert: family is not always supportive. If you want to rise above the comments and criticism, you are going to have to block it out and continue doing what feels right for you. We live a social media society that is obsessed with influence and the opinion of others. How can you know who you truly are if you are constantly being influenced by other people? You can’t. Ignore the trends, ignore the opinions, ignore the status quo. Follow your gut and stay true to you.

Let’s grow together.

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