Monday Notes: A Fresh Start

I hope you all had a restful weekend. Can you believe we are already 3 months into the new year? Time is flying. The weather in New Jersey is finally starting to warm up a little bit. It seems like spring may actually be coming early this year. I hope it does because I am completely over all the snow and would love to spend more time outside. The past couple of days have been rainy so I have not been able to walk as much as I would have wanted to. My walks are one of my favorite parts of the day. I love getting fresh air, moving my body, and simply being in nature. It helps me to think more clearly and fills me with joy. If you read my recent post, I Quit My Corporate Marketing Job During A Pandemic: This Is Why It Was Worth It, you would have learned that I quit my full time job- during a pandemic! This decision was both easy and hard. I was nervous to quit my job because I feared not having an income. At the same time, it was an easy decision to make because this job has clearly been incredibly toxic and I knew I needed a fresh start. Well, my fresh start starts today because this is my first day of not working at my old company. I can’t believe I am even saying that!It is truly so weird. I was employed there for a year and a half so it feels strange to not be there anymore, at the same time I feel almost as if I never worked there. I don’t know, I think I am in a period of processing.

I am trying to keep structure in my life because I know I thrive that way. I definitely do not want to get into the habit of waking up late and wasting the day away. I decided that I will still wake up early and have a routine throughout the day. This means going on walks, making breakfast, and scheduling time for both work and play. When my life is void of structure, I struggle to feel creative. It puts me in a mood of blah. I am setting the next two months aside to dive into my creativity and embrace it for what it is. I am grateful that this period allows me to follow my curiosity. There is no where that I must be, I can listen to my body and my heart freely. Although I definitely feel a bit anxious, I am reminding myself of the beauty of this special time. It will be an interesting journey.

What have you guys been up to?

Let’s grow together.

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