How To Have A Successful Spring Cleaning

It is offically Spring and I am starting to get the itch. You know, the itch to clean out my space and have my home look like one of those picture perfect abodes on the cover on Architectural Digest. While my space is no where near front page worthy, you can make it feel like it is by cleaning up and sprucing your space up with some simple tips! A healthy, happy mind starts at home. Most of us spend most of our times in our homes, meaning we may as well ensure that our home is the place where we can thrive and manifest all our wildest, most precious dreams. Getting clear on what you want requires a level of clarify and levelheadedness. A clean mind starts with a clean home. Keep reading from some Spring cleaning tips:

Make A List

If you begin the process of cleaning without a plan, chances are you will feel stressed out, overwhelmed, and ready to throw in the towel and live in your mess forever. In order to keep to chaos at bay, you can make a handy-dandy list! I love lists because they keep me super organized and raise my chances of success. Your list does not have to be anything fancy and complicated. Keep it simple. Write out which areas you would like to prioritize first and how long you will spend tackling each space. It is unrealistic to think that you will complete everything in one day. That expectation will leave you feeling like a good-for-nothing failure. Instead, allow yourself to have realistic expectations. You are busy and things take time, allow yourself that understanding.

Stay Organized

If you are not careful, Spring cleaning has the ability to get messy. Make sure to separate your items so that each item is accounted for. Leave piles for what you will throw out, donate, or sell. Separating the items will make it easier to be intentional with your cleaning and ensure that each items ends up where it should. If you are anything like me, you will want to set a deadline. Despite all my good intentions, I have a tendency to neglect my donate pile. Months after my clean out, I will still find my donated items sitting in the corner of my room or in the trunk of my car. Setting a deadline helps you to keep yourself accountable.

Set A Timer

For those familiar with burnout, you will want to pay attention to this tip. The last thing you want is to spend hours and hours cleaning, only to end the day feeling worn out and cursing the cleaning process. This will make you want to throw in the towel far too soon. You will organize more effectively if you pace yourself and (once again) set realistic goals. A tip that has helped me is setting a timer. For example, if it is time to clean your room, set a timer for 45 minutes and do not stop going until the timer buzzes. 45 minutes my not seem like enough to vacuum, fully organize your closet, and dust your nightstand, but you may be surprised at how much more efficiently you work when there is deadline as oppose to having the entire day.

Add Some New Pieces

Now that your space is cleaned out and sparkling, you can add a couple new pieces that spark joy. This could be a new candle, some throw pillows, a decorative pot, or some fresh flowers. This could be a little reward to yourself for accomplishing this goal that you set for yourself. Another cool option is using what you have and rearranging! This the perfect time to implement a little feng shui. Now that everything is organized and set aside, it is easier for you to see what you are working with. Maybe you just rediscovered a vase you had tucked away or maybe now that you threw out that old chair, you have some extra room to move your couch over. Play around with your space to create balance and add joy.

While cleaning is not the most exciting task, you will feel 10x better when you are living a space that you truly respect, value, and can thrive in. I hope these tips help you to have a simple and successful Spring cleaning!

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