How To Spice Up Your Bathroom For Less

When you are decorating your home, which room do you focus on the most? Perhaps it’s your living room because that is where you entertain guests. Or maybe your bedroom because that’s where you spend the most time. How much time do you focus on your bathroom? No, not the guest bathroom that always has fresh hand towels and smells like flowers, I mean that bathroom. The one you check you check your hair in and spend 10 minutes over the sink popping pimples and plucking your eyebrows. How much time have you spent designing and organizing your personal bathroom? Chances are, if it is like the majority of bathrooms, it contains half a dozen half empty shampoo bottles and a bathmat that has not seen the inside of a washing machine in God only knows how long. For so long, I never paid any attention to my bathroom. Although I have always loved the bathroom experience (long baths and getting lathing body oils and lotion is my jam) I was never intentional with how my bathroom looked.

Have A Theme

Unlike other rooms, having a cohesive theme for a bathroom tends to be overlooked. I believe that a level of intentionality should go into each space of your home. It adds some level of order to the space and makes it more enjoyable to be in. Some points to consider are:

  • Color scheme
  • Paint/wallpaper
  • Sunlight
  • Plants

All of these elements add to the overall feel of the space. For many people, the bathroom is where you get ready for the day. When decorating your space consider which colors and designs will help you to feel the way you would like to throughout the day. Personally, I love to feel clean, organized, and creative. Because of this, I organized my bathroom in a way that will make me feel this. I have a lot of white and green because these are more calming Earthy tones. I also incorporated pink because pink makes me feel bubbly and feminine, which brings out my more creative side. Having these colors in the space that I get ready in helps me to feel focused and centered. If you can consider these points you can create a productive and calming space.


I am a nature girl and I absolutely love plants and bringing the outdoors in. One of my favorite places to keep plants is in the bathroom. The bathroom is such a vulnerable space. It is where we dress, undress, feel sick, cry, etc. It is a sacred space and bringing nature and growth into that space is a beautiful thing. Many bathrooms do not have ample lighting so you may want to look into getting a plant that does not require a lot of sunlight. These plants include:

  • Ferns
  • Bamboo
  • Cast iron plant
  • Chinese evergreen


If you know me, you know that I love candles. I think candles are great for just about any room but the bathroom is one of my favorite places for a candle. Of course candles are great in the bathroom because they get rid of less than pleasant scents (it is a bathroom after all), but they also elevate any space, leaving it with a more cozy and sophisticated feel. A candle that fits the theme, both with scent and packaging, is a simple and inexpensive way to spice up your space. I love lighting candles when I get ready because the look of a lit candle is so calming and it gets good energy flowing before I even step out. Like a theme, scent has psychological benefits and can help you to better create and maintain your desired mood. Check out my post How To Improve Your Mood By Using Scent In Your Home to learn more about my favorite candles. Spoiler: I buy them at Anthropologie.

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Organize with containers

Okay, so I have always been the kind of person who is seemingly organized. You may walk into my bathroom and think “wow, she’s so organized and neat” not knowing that if you open the cabinet under a sink you will find what looks like a Sephora that has just experienced a tornado. Skincare and haircare products EVERYWHERE. It was not a pretty sight. I bought some clear containers from my local TJ Maxx to help me get that under the sink situation under control. If you are like me, and you have a zillion products either under the sink or shampoo bottles spilling over into the tub, I highly recommend using containers to keep yourself organized. I love using these because they:

  • Are more aesthetically pleasing
  • Keep me organized
  • Save space

The last thing you want is for your perfectly curated oasis to turn into a disaster zone just because you like starting a new conditioner before you finish your old one. We’ve all been there.

These simple tips and changes will make your bathroom feel much more like an oasis than a messy space you shower in.

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