4 Easy Ways To Drink More Water Everyday

Hydration is key to overall health. While sometimes drinking water may seem like a drag, it is essential to have in your daily routine if you would like to have a fully functioning and hydrated body. The U.S. National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine determined men should have a water intake of 15.5 cups a day and 11.5 cups a day for women. While sipping on that much water each day may seem like a complete drag, it is important because even being mildly dehydrated can negatively affect the body. When you are well hydrated you will find yourself thinking more clearly and having more energy. Read on to find 4 simple ways to drink more water and elevate your overall physical performance.

Start early

Filling up your water bottle and taking a couple sips as soon as you wake up is a great way to start your daily hydration. Your body tends to become dehydrated as you sleep and craves water in the morning. Once you start drinking in the morning, it becomes easier for you to continue throughout the day. I recommend drinking hot water with lemon in the mornings because it clears your system and allows you to start your day with a warm beverage that is simultaneously calming and energizing.

Track it

Tracking your water intake may be tricky if you’re drinking out of your everyday, standard drinking cup. Using a water bottle with clear measurements will keep you on track and aware of your intake. This Elvira Half Gallon/64oz Motivational Time Marker Water Bottle not only covers your water intake, but it is provides you with friendly encouragement. This makes drinking water feel fun and playful!

Add flavor

If you are not used to drinking a lot of water the taste may be a bit bland. Adding healthy flavoring to your water is a great way to elevate your drinking experience. You can add lemon, mint, cucumber, or whatever other flavors are pleasing to your palate. This makes drinking water a bit more exciting and allows you to switch up the taste when you start to feel bored of it.


I always find that I drink a lot more water when I exercise throughout the day. Working up a sweat leaves you feeling parched and craving water. Adding exercise to your daily routine will not only get your body moving, but will also make it easy to increase your water intake.

Do you drink enough water? Comment below tips that help you to drink more water.

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