A Day In Montclair, NJ: Brunch and Farmers Market

May, you’ve been good to us! The weather in New Jersey has been so stunning lately, making it so refreshing to spend the day outdoors. On Saturday my sister Briana and I headed to Montclair, NJ to spend the gorgeous day outdoors.The Corner in Montclair, NJ is a trendy neighborhood nook nestled on Grove Street. The Corner has fresh-pressed juices, a coffee bar, brunch options and delicious pastries and sandwiches. If you have ever been to Montclair you would know that it is such a cute and quaint town! It has shops, bars, restaurants, and activities, making it the perfect town to spend the weekend at.

At brunch I ordered a cold brew with vanilla and pancakes with berries. My sister ordered avocado toast and a fresh. juice, and we decided to share french fries. We sat outdoors and that was great because it was such a beautiful day! I wasn’t crazy about the food, but outdoor dining on a beautiful day is always such a great feeling. I am trying to cherish this weather because I know before I know it, it will feel too hot to be outside!

After brunch we walked over the local farmers market and checked out all the produce. They had a wide variety of fresh and organic produce, however we didn’t end up buying anything. They also had flowers, coffee beans, and a couple food trucks. After the farmers market we took a walk around town and soaked up the beautiful weather! Tons of people were out and walking around and it was nice to be around bright, summery energy. Springtime carries such positive vibes.

Once we left Montclair we went to the mall and looked for some summer clothes. I love treating myself to a new outfit for my birthday, so I had my eye out! I tried on two shoes from Sam Edelman, the Majorie Braided Strappy Mule and the Briar Slide Sandal. I love both shoes and I think I will end up buying the Majorie Braided Strappy Mule for my birthday. I want a clean, sophisticated look for dinner on my birthday and I think these shoes will add a feminine, polished touch to any outfit! After Sam Edelman, we went to Club Monaco where I tried on the gorgeous Sculptural Sleeve Dress. This dress looked so good on! It’s structured, feminine, and polished. The only issue was the price lol. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to spend $200 on it. Although I believe it is a timeless, high quality piece, I think I could find it for less somewhere else. I’ll keep an eye out!

After the mall my sister and I went home and chilled for the rest of the day. Overall it was a fun and chill Saturday! How did you spend your weekend? Comment below.

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