Self Care Saturday: Manifestation Writing Prompt and A Week In Pins

Happy Saturday! I hope you all had a great week. This week was kind of a catch up and get healthy sort of week. I have been focusing a lot on my diet and getting more fit because I would love to get healthier for the summer time. I want to get more physically fit and toned and I have been experiencing some stomach issues that I figured a cleaner diet would fix. I am trying to cut back on carbs because it seems to be messing with my stomach and making me feel nauseous. I LOVE bread so I hope I don’t have to stop eating it, but in the meantime let’s hope that helps with my stomach issues!

This Saturday I wanted to share a journal prompt with you guys. I think manifestation and day dreaming is so important and a really crucial part of reaching your goals. In order to have what you want, you need to envision it and know that it is possible. One of my favorite quotes says “visualize your highest self and start showing up as her.” Here are some journal prompts to help you to visualize and manifest the life of your dreams:

  1. What feelings would you feel if your dreams came true
  2. Who would you share the good news with and what would the conversation sounds like

Journaling about the life that you want will help you to figure out which aspects of your current life are helpful and which aspects are not supporting the life that you are trying to live. Consider this a guide to your future and reference it when you are feeling stuck or directionless.

I also wanted to share some Pinterest pins that I came across this week. Enjoy!

via Pinterest
via Pinterest
via Pinterest
via Pinterest
via Pinterest

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