Self Care Saturday: Passion And A Week In Pins

Happy Saturday! How was everyone’s week? I did a lot of thinking and reevaluating this week. I recently started a new job and have been adjusting to it. Aside from that, I came home from Boston on Sunday and have been living with a new perspective. I really love traveling because it always me to see life through a different lens and reminds me what I want out of my life.

“Be passionate and be involved in what you believe in, and do it as thoroughly and honestly and fearlessly as you can.”

In life it is all too easy to live with lukewarm feelings. How many people do you know who are generally unhappy with their lives? Whether it is social life, relationships, jobs, etc., many people have a deep dissatisfaction. In reality, this should never be the case. We are the authors of our lives, so why should we not enjoy the story? Find what you feel passionate and curious about and go towards it full force. Live honestly, fearlessly, and strive towards what feels right. That’s true self care.

And of course it wouldn’t be Saturday without me posting some pins that sparked inspo during the week. Enjoy!

Let’s grow together.

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