5 Quotes That Will Motivate You To Work Harder

A little motivation goes a long way. It’s normal to feel lost and become discouraged in your career. These days there is so much pressure to show up perfectly at all times. Our generation has become obsessed with instant gratification, making us feel like failures if we don’t start out at the top. Instagram is not reality, in real life you have to work your way up and develop character and hard work. When I was in college I took a social issues classes that had me look at privilege in a different way. When many people think of privilege they think tend to think about white privilege or male privilege. While those are privileges in our world, there are many other privileges that we don’t talk about. My professor brought up the point that having encouragement from a parent, sibling, friend, etc. is privilege. If you don’t have someone there to encourage you and push your forward, you will not go as far as someone who does. We breathe life into people when we encourage them and push them to achieve their goals and meet the standards that they set for themselves everyday. If you are feeling discouraged in work or school, or simply need a little push to keep going, here are some quotes to help motivate you and remind you what you are striving towards.

I hope these quotes helped to boost your confidence and make you feel more motivated to show up as your highest self. You have what it takes to achieve the life that you want. Implementing healthy habits and staying mindful and centered will help you to perform as your best self.

Let’s grow together.

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