A Day In NYC: The West Village And The Butcher’s Daughter

There are many interesting cities in the world, but New York City is arguably the most iconic one. I have always felt so fortunate to grow up near NYC (northern New Jersey). While the hustle and bustle of the city can sometimes become a bit overwhelming to me, on some days it is the exact energy that I am dreaming of. In the city that already never sleeps, some sections of it are even more lively than others. A couple weeks ago I spent the day in the West Village, a neighborhood that draws fashionable crowds and restaurant goers. The streets are quaint and some cobblestoned. This area has vast history and was where the notable 1969 gay rights riots took place. If you are ever in NYC and looking for trendy area, the West Village is the place for you.

It’s not a proper NYC trip without some food. I am convinced that NYC has the best food in the world, with all the different people of various cultures living there, you are bound to find food experts of every cuisine. During my recent visit, I stopped by The Butchers Daughter. The Butchers Daughter is a casual, yet hip vegetarian (mostly vegan) restaurant on Hudson Street. They offer fresh juices, cocktails, sandwiches, pizza, and more plant based meals.

When I first walked into this restaurant the Earthy, modern rustic design caught my eye. Plants are hung and scattered throughout the space and wood and wicker can be found within most of the decor. I ordered a glass of rosé and and Beyond Meat burger in a lettuce wrap with a side of sliced potatoes.

After eating at The Butcher’s Daughter I walked around the West Village and checked out some of the cool shops. I found a cool music store called Music Inn. This store had a ton of interesting instruments and offers fun events like Thursday night open mic nights, that attract musicians and comedians. The set up of the shop is one of the most interesting features of it, they have posters all over the walls and ceiling. I met the owner’s son and ended up taking his business card. Since that I found that his father, Jeff Slatnick, is an incredible musician with a pretty impressive portfolio.

After checking out the music shop I walked around a bit more before heading to Van Leeuwen Ice Cream Shop. I love this ice cream shop because they have a ton of different creamy flavors and even vegan options. I ordered the peanut butter brownie chip flavor and it was absolutely delicious! If you are looking for a dairy free ice cream shop, I would definitely check this one out. I just found out that they have a location in New Jersey so I will definitely be checking that one out.

Have you ever visited the West Village? What are some of your favorite spots? Comment below.

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