Weekend In Photos: Crystals, Lamps, and Rainbow Glassware

Hey guys! I hope you guys had a great weekend! I had a pretty chill weekend. On Saturday I had lunch with my mom, sister, aunt, and cousin. It was really nice because we never meet up and get together even though they live close by. We ate at Raymonds in Ridgewood, NJ and I had the most delicious baked macaroni and cheese and Rhode Island style calamari. I never knew what Rhode Island style calamari was before but I’m glad I do now because it was so good!

Before we met for lunch I worked for a couple hours at Anthropologie and decided to treat myself. I bought this really cool, vintage looking lamp for when I move out of my parents house. I have been putting a bunch of home stuff aside so when I move out so that I have my basics together. This is called the Giada Task Lamp and it is a vintage inspired, industrial lamp that has a shelf that is perfect for perching books or electronics. This lamp is a really cool piece that I know i’ll cherish for a long time. It totally fits the rustic aesthetic that I envision for my own place. I also picked up this Sunshine Glass because the rainbows are so fun and look like happiness. I love fun glassware.

Sunshine Glass, Anthropologie $14

On Friday afternoon I visited Soul Scents in Ramsey, NJ because I was feeling a little blah and wanted to find something that would put me in a more zen mood. At first I was looking to buy a room spray, but then I found this really cool essential oil. It is a lavender essential oil with amethyst crystals inside and it smells amazing. As soon as I walked in the store I knew I wanted something that would smell like the overall scent of the store. Something zen, earthy, and intoxicating. This lavender oil is exactly that. Lavender has a soothing scent that makes me feel relaxed and centered. I love that this is a roller because it means that I can keep it with me and roll it on my wrist or neck anytime I want to feel more centered and relaxed.

Lavender Essential Oil Roller, Soul Scents $22

Oh, and while we are catching with me, I guess I should mention that I made a Tik Tok! I honestly never thought that I would make a Tik Tok but it’s honestly really fun! Check out my page and follow me. I made a couple so far and I have so many fun ideas for my page. My username is gabbywalters13. See you guys there!

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