A Shift In The Universe And A Time For Renewal

For the past couple of weeks I have felt a shift in the universe. To those who are not sensitive to energy, this may sound really strange and like some crazy woo-woo stuff. I don’t pay much attention to Mercury in retrograde or anything like that, so it’s possible that is what is occurring right now, but I do know that my energy is picking up on a shift. What this means, I have no idea, all I know is that this feels like the perfect time to make some changes and reevaluate what is working and what is not. I was looking at my profile on The Pattern today and I came across an interesting note on there. It said that for the next few days many people will be experiencing closure. It said:

“This is a tremendous time frame to share, express, or contribute what you have learned so far this month – as well as over a longer period of global upheaval and change… If you have any of these difficult feelings and experiences, use them to inspire a different approach, augmented by greater awareness for the next month.”

  1. This totally validated the feeling I was having.
  2. This made it really clear that whether you feel a shift of not, you can look at the experiences and feelings that you have had and reflect on them for greater awareness for the next month.

What would you do differently this next month?

I had dinner with my close friend the other night and we had a really interesting discussion about life, society, and the general feeling of being stuck in life. Many of us live in this state of feeling kind of unsatisfied with our lives. We don’t love our lives and we also don’t feel as if it is necessary for us to love it. We lead the lives that have been designed for us, while being programmed to believe that daily life doesn’t have to be great. While I don’t believe that every single day needs to be mindblowingly fantastic, I do believe that even on chill, off days there should still be a general peace and satisfaction within yourself. I am in a period of questioning most things about my life and my routine. I feel like this shift is a gift that will give us the opportunity to start over and reevaluate the current state of our lives. Last night I had a phone consultation with a local reiki practitioner and I am so excited for this new chapter of energy cleansing and spiritual healing that I am about to embark on. I’m looking forward to learning more about myself and feeling more aligned, and I will definitely keep you all updated on this journey.

Here’s some food for thought:

Does who you are in real life look like the higher version of yourself that you picture in your head?

How long are you willing to live with a watered down version of yourself?

If you lived like this forever would you be satisfied?

If any of you are feeling like a shift is occurring, or if you are desperately hoping for a shift to take you out of your current lifestyle, I hope this can serve as a sign to make changes. You deserve to live an authentic life.

Let’s grow together.

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