Weekend In Photos: Plants and A Spontaneous Trip To Hoboken

Tucked next to the Hudson River, across from New York City is a small and energetic city that Frank Sinatra called home. Hoboken, New Jersey, is a former industrial port that is now the home of eateries, green spaces, and busy bars. It has museums, high rise apartments, and food from across the globe, appearing similar to its neighbor across the Hudson, yet with a bit more calmness. On Saturday my friends and I planned to go to NYC to visit the Arcadia Earth Museum. However, after multiple ubers canceling on us, we decided to take it as a sign to stay on this side of the Hudson, and ultimately ended up in Frank Sinatra’s home town.

Before heading the Hoboken we stopped by my one of my favorite stores, PlantShed with Englewood Florists. PlantShed is a charming and vibrant coffee shop and florist in Englewood, NJ. I get most of my plants from there because the plants are so healthy and all the pots are unique and have their own special character. As we were walking into the store we noticed that a delivery of fresh flowers were being taken into the store. They brought in these stunning bouquets of sunflowers and purple flowers and they placed them in the front of the store. My friend decided to treat herself to one of the gorgeous bouquets, and as the owner was wrapping them up for her, he gave us each a pink rose. It was such a surprising and sweet gesture and we accepted it as a good omen.

Flowers from PlantShed

After leaving PlantShed we decided to go to Hoboken so we could try a popular coffee shop called Hidden Grounds Coffee. By the time we made it to Hidden Grounds we were starving and went to have dinner at Sorellina. I ordered a cocktail called Staycay that had vodka, strawberries, and lime, and tasted just like summer. For my meal I ordered the crab cavatelli that had jonah crab, local cherry tomatoes, and pecorino. Both were really delicious.

For dessert we want to this restaurant called Amanda’s on Washington St. Amanda’s has been serving Hoboken for 25 years and has New American food with an Argentine twist. I ordered a flourless chocolate cake with a scoop of vanilla ice cream while my sister ordered dolce de leche cake and my friend ordered an apple tart. All the desserts were so delicious and helped us to end our night in the most tasty way possible. As good as the dessert was, I think my favorite part of Amanda’s is how charming and cozy the architecture and design is. It has a charming, old time vibe that makes it feel like you’re in an old brownstone cozied next to a fireplace.

Hoboken is really such a lovely city that’s so fun to spend the day in. The energy is great and there is always something to do. And if all else fails, you can always head to the Hudson and gaze at the stunning NYC skyline.

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  1. Joanne A says:

    I’m glad you had fun! Nice photos.

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    1. VitaminC-GreenTea says:

      Thank you!

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