I Tried 4 Brands Of Kombucha. Here’s What I Thought.

If gut health is a city, kombucha is the mayor. In a world of sensitive tummies and wellness junkies, kombucha, the fermented drink, is flying off the shelves and landing into color coordinated fridges. If you are not familiar with this cult favorite beverage, let me enlighten you. This 2000 year old drink, which was named America’s most liberal drink back in 2009, is a sweet and sour, fermented beverage made with tea. It originated in Northwest China around 220 B.C. and it was celebrated for its healing properties. The primary ingredients in kombucha are yeast, sugar, and black tea. Kombucha is fermented, meaning the mix is set aside for a week or more, during which this time bacteria, acids, and small amounts of alcohol form in the drink. The bacteria in the drink is a lactic-acid bacteria that works as a probiotic. It has a healthy dose of B vitamins and can fight several diseases.

Potential benefits of drinking kombucha

  • Help boost metabolism
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Strengthen immune system
  • Helps prevent cancer

Kombucha should be kept refrigerated, as leaving it out will change the flavor and functionality of the drink. Keeping it in the fridge will ensure that it tastes the best and carries out the desired health benefits.

A couple weeks ago I was suffering from some pretty intense stomach pain. I knew that my gut health was pretty messed up, so I decided to start taking a probiotic and drinking kombucha. To my surprise the kombucha started to help my stomach fairly quickly. Within a couple days of drinking it I found that it relieved my stomach pain tremendously. Since then, I have made it part of my routine to drink kombucha every couple of days, if not daily. Like most things, not all kombucha’s are made equally. I have tasted some great ones and some not so great ones. Here are some honorary mentions:


The Synergy brand was created in the late 1990s by a young man named Dave who watched Kombucha aid in his mother’s breast cancer recovery journey. This experience put him on a mission to help others live healthier, happier lives. The company remains family owned and independently operated to this day. Synergy has more than 40 flavors and ships to California, Arizona, and Nevada.

Rowdy Mermaid

Rowdy Mermaid started in 2012 when the founder Jamba Dunn began to brew Kombucha in his garage. Dunn, who has a degree in philosophy, wanted Kombucha to be less sugary, less vinegary, and less acidic. His “rambunctious, water-splashing daughter” inspired the quirky name.

Health-Ade Kombucha

Health-Ade was created in 2012 by a husband, wife, and their best friend. Their mission is to unlock the power of the gut. They are fueled by the belief that the gut controls way more than just digestion. It drives your mood mood, energy, immunity, blood sugar, and even sleep.

Humm Kombucha

Humm Kombucha, formerly known as Kombucha Mamas, were founded by two women, Jaime and Michelle. The founders began brewing in Michelle’s kitchen and delivered gallon glass jars of kombucha door-to-door in a Toyota Prius. Customers would leave an empty gallon jug on the doorstep with $20 under the mat and come home to find a full one waiting. Humm is now available in 50 states as well as Sweden and Guam.

And The Winner Is..

I can honestly say that all of these Kombucha’s taste really good. It is in the nature of the drink to tend to have a more bitter and fizzy taste, so it can be more of an acquired taste if you aren’t used to a beverage like that. While I love that the Humm Kombucha has zero sodium and fat, I find that it has a bit of a “diet” flavor and does not have a great after taste. However, if you are watching your sodium and fat intake, I would definitely try it because the aftertaste is subtle. Out of all the brands, my favorite is the Synergy brand because it tastes refreshing and does not have a lot of unnecessary added sugar. Health-Ade may be the most appetizing one, but it does have quite a bit of added sugars. Overall, Kombucha does wonders for your gut, while leaving you with that refreshing, fizzy taste. All of these brands have tons of flavors, so you are bound to find one that suits your taste buds. If you are having any sort of stomach issues, or you would like to improve your gut health, Kombucha is a staple to have in your fridge.

Do you think Kombucha? Comment below which brand is your favorite.

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