Quotes To Inspire You To Live Your Most Fulfilling Life

Think of what comes to mind when you hear the phrase “live your best life.” These days we hear over and over again how important it is to live your best life. This phrase has become so common that many of us have forgotten what it even means in the first place. Of course to everyone this will mean something a little different. To some people it may mean getting more physically fit, to others it might mean being in the relationship of their dreams, and to someone else it might mean quitting their job and vacationing on a monthly basis (wouldn’t that be nice). No matter what exactly living your best life means to you, one thing is for sure, it means living the most beautiful life YOU could dream of. Not the most beautiful life your parents/siblings/friends/spouse/society dreamt up, but the one that you want for yourself. It means having the courage to do what you want despite the opinions of others. This is a very hard thing to do. I believe that silencing the noise of others and following your gut is a form of self care. If you want to be happy and healthy you need to make yourself a priority and focus on the life you want to create. No one else lives your life but you. These quotes motivate me to live my best life:

“Put yourself on the top of your to do list.”

“If it makes you happy it doesn’t have to make sense to others.”

“You gotta nourish to flourish.”

“You start living the moment you decide your life is yours- and not anyone else’s.”

“Imagine what’s possible once you stop doubting yourself.”

Photo by RF._.studio on Pexels.com

Living your best life does not necessarily mean you are partying everyday and splurging on fancy items and vacations. It means that you are putting yourself first and taking time to consider what you want instead of what anyone else wants. A lot of people, including myself, feel unnecessarily guilty when they go against what their loved ones desire. It is not easy to disappoint people but sometimes it is in fact the right thing to do. Remember that just because you are upsetting someone, does not mean that you are doing something wrong. Many times, people will be disappointed in you for living your best life because they fear that you won’t always be available to them anymore. They prioritize their access to you over your happiness. The quote “if it makes you happy it doesn’t have to make sense to others” resonates with me because I feel like these days people are so judgmental. As humans, we are not meant to be exposed to so many opinions all the time. These days you can log onto social media and someone you hardly know will tell you that you’re wrong and stupid. Even if it is not actually happening to you, witnessing it and feeling that energy is enough to make you feel toxic and caged. Follow your heart and live a life you can be proud of- even if it is scary. Some of the greatest things in history started with disappointment. While navigating through the journey of free living, keep in my mind that each person is unique and we all see the world through our own unique lense. Because of this, we will have varied opinions about what is good and what is bad. Our job is not to convince others to live the way that we want to live. It is to simply love others unconditionally while living as authentically and freely as possible. Through this, we have the ability to live a healthy and respectful life.

What does your ideal life look life?

Let’s grow together.

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