Checking In: Life Update and Quote Of The Day

Today is a very special day. Today is the day that the pumpkin creme cold brew came back to Starbucks. If you haven’t tried it yet you need to run-not walk-to your nearest Starbucks! I got one with my sister this morning before work and it is all I have dreamed of and more. And no, that’s not being dramatic. It really is that good.

Speaking of drinks that I love, the Kombucha brand Rowdy Mermaid reached out to me on Instagram yesterday after reading my blog post I Tried 4 Brands Of Kombucha. Here’s What I Thought and offered to send me some coupons. I’m excited to try out some different flavors and will definitely review for you guys. Make sure to check out my post because I explain why kombucha is a MUST to have in your diet.

I hope you all have had a great week so far. I figured I would check in with you all today since I haven’t posted something like this in awhile. The past week or so has been pretty crazy for me, and this week is going to be pretty busy as well. I have reiki tonight, which I am looking forward to. I need some time to feel relaxed and more introspective. This will be my second session with this practitioner and I am so glad I came across her, because she has a special touch. I am in the process of writing a blog post about reiki and my experience with it, so definitely stay tuned for that. If you have any questions about it, feel free to ask in the comments and I will make sure to answer it in the post. Tomorrow I am traveling to Pennsylvania for work. For those of you who don’t know, in June I started a new job at a low income property management company. We have an inspection at a property in PA so I will be driving there to access what work needs to be done before the inspection next month. Then over the weekend I am taking time off to spend time with my sister and our friend. We are probably going to drive to Westchester, NY and try different restaurants and hiking spots over there. Westchester is so beautiful and I am looking forward to the beautiful views. What have you all been up to? Let’s chat in the comments.

Quote Of The Day

Let’s grow together.

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