4 Easy Ways To Be More Organized

Not everyone is born with the organization gene. While some of us are born with the ability to keep everything in a designated place, many others struggle to stay neat, tidy, and organized. September has a

way of bringing along an energy of order and discipline. Whenever Fall rolls around I feel the need to get more organized and I think it has to do with the fact that for so many years fall symbolized starting school and getting more structured and serious. During this time of year, I feel an itch to tidy up and revamp my notebooks and add more planners and new and improved note taking tools to my daily routine. Even if you are not naturally organized, there is so much that you can do to make organizing yourself easier and more doable. Keep reading for 4 easy ways to be more organized.


Ever since I started school I was required to use a planner. My teachers would grade me on writing down my homework and crossing things out as I finished them. When I was younger, I thought this was so ridiculous, but as I got older I realized that I am so grateful for that experience because using a planner daily is a great way to structure and ensure that the ned goal will be met in a timely manner. I love to plan out everything. Personal errands, daily tasks for work, schoolwork, fun, finances, etc. I have started to be more forgetful so using a planner really helps me to stay on top of everything. I personally love planners that are somewhat guided because they help me to stay focused and on top of my priorities. I have been using the High Performance Planner for over a year now and I find that it helps tremendously with organization, as well as personal development and growth. If you are looking to grow and develop mentally, I highly recommend using a planner that have writing prompts and reflections.


If having an entire planner seems like too big of a feat, try writing lists. This is similar to having a planner, expect it is less structured and therefore could be more realistic for people who have a more lax organization style. Lists are great for writing out daily to-dos because they help you to stay organized and accountable for your tasks. You can either write it out on a blank piece of paper, or use something like this Daily Overview Notepad from Anthropologie.


Whether it’s a desk calendar, one you throw on your wall, or the one on your phone, writing on a calendar will help you to effortlessly see an overview of your month. This will make it easy for you to ensure that you don’t double book yourself. I love the full month calendar pages that I have in my planner because it helps me to see everything that I have going on during the month in one place. This makes it really for me to plan my time out and prioritize what needs to be done.


If you tend to be forgetful, it might be time to start using alarms. This method of organization isn’t for everyone, but for some it is a lifesaver. Use alarms so you never have one of those “oh no I forgot to pay that bill” moments again. It is extremely easy to get distracted by the little surprises and tasks of daily life. Setting an alarm will quickly remind you that it is time to drop what you’re doing and tend to your priorities. If you’re using an alarm on your phone, remember to label it so you know exactly what it is time to do.

Even if organization isn’t in your blood, these simple tips will help you to lead a more structured and disciplined life. What do you do to stay organized? Comment below!

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