5 Ways To Feel More Confident In The Workplace

As we grow older, the workplace becomes a huge part of our life. We become consumed with tasks, work friends, and the daily commute. We begin to plan our lives – vacations, appointments, dates- around work. Because work receives so much of our thoughts and our attention, it also usually becomes the source of much of our stress and insecurity. As humans we are flawed. This is a fact. We have doubts, insecurities, and fears, and we also have a tendency to pass our negative feelings down to our children. So many of us are living with the the self doubt that has been inherited to us from our parents. This doubt manifests as negative self talk and tries to sabotage us in all areas of life – including the workplace. Gaining confidence in the workplace could be the difference between living paycheck to paycheck and living a life of abundance and major financial opportunity. We all have struggles and insecurities, however once we can keep them in check and recognize our uniqueness and the role that we each individually play, we can have the power to show up in all situations as out strongest self and feel capable and qualified. Here are some tips to help feel more confidence in the workplace.

Dress well

A key part of confidence is feeling comfortable in your own skin. If you are shaping your appearance to be more attractive to others, you will only end up feeling inauthentic, and as a result, feel low confidence. No matter what you wear to work (this applies even if you have a uniform), add your own personal touch to it. This could mean styling your hair a certain way, adding accessories, having fun with your outfits, changing up your style, etc. It is no secret that dressing well, contributes to how you feel about yourself. The world is your runway and you are called to walk it authentically.

Take Notes

When I start a new job, I have a tendency to feel extremely insecure and shy at the beginning. I doubt my abilities and have trouble performing because I don’t want to try something and then fail. Taking notes has helped me tremendously with this, because I give myself a resource to look back on while I retain information. It is important to stay organized so you can feel your best and perform well. Writing down notes is great because the simple act of writing helps your brain to better process and memorize the information.


Although after the work day you may want to go home and let go of all the information you just took in, it may be in your best interest to summarize the information. Sometimes when taking in a lot of info, our brains stop processing it and we move so fast that it does not even have time to take it in. By reviewing the information, you allow your brain to reinforce what you have learned and master the information.

Speak Up

This is going to feel extremelyyyy uncomfortable at first, but trust me, it’s worth it. Speaking up in the workplace is the best way to get your ideas heard and make yourself known as a valuable part of the team. If you have a question, ask. If you think something could be done more efficiency, suggest it. The more you speak up, the more comfortable it will feel, and the more you will create a comfortable work environment for yourself. Nothing is worse than feeling as if you don’t have a voice.

Write Down Your Accomplishments

We all have lousy days at work where we make silly mistakes and feel sort of off. If you have an off day, no need to beat yourself up about it. Instead, take a piece of paper and write down all your accomplishments. Doing this simple act will remind you that you are capable and deserving of your position.

It doesn’t matter if you work for yourself or for large company, these tips can help you to show up more confidently and powerful when you are working. Comment below what you do when you want to feel more confident at work.

Let’s grow together.

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  1. Surjit S says:

    Thanks for thoughtful information.Surjit.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. VitaminC-GreenTea says:

      Hi Surjit! I’m glad it was helpful to you


      1. Surjit S says:

        Thanks, Gabrielle.You are welcome.

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  2. I agree with all points. Speaking from personal experience I have found that dressing well in ones unique way and speaking up on relevant issues are key in looking confident within the workplace.


    1. VitaminC-GreenTea says:

      Yes, speaking up is definitely key as well. It’s so important to be confident in the workplace!


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