The Two Best Fall Candles That You’ll Be Obsessed With

Fall is in full swing and the atmosphere is cozier than ever. The crisp air, there is a sense of new beginnings, and the leaves turning into a burnt orange before gracefully falling to the ground, are just some of the things that make Fall so special (and one of my favorite seasons). To me, that Fall feeling just doesn’t hit the same without using one of the most impactful senses that we have- the sense of smell. Scent is unabashedly powerful. It demands you to acknowledge it as it takes you wherever it pleases. During the Fall time, I tend to turn towards warmer, more buttery scents that make me feel comfortable and nostalgic. Recently I made a list of all the things that I love so that I can have more awareness and add more of those simple pleasures to my daily life. I found that lighting candles was one thing that I truly love and find joy from. I find the process to be relaxing, comforting, meditative, and it even makes me feel productive. This Fall I am getting into the seasonal feel by lighting these two delicious candles.

Pumpkin Soufflé

This Boulangerie Jar Candle from Anthoplogie is the scent of the season. This candle has notes of orange, ginger and almond blended with clove bud, vanilla and tonka bean. It is a true pumpkin scent that will leave your space feeling cozy and inviting. I love lighting this at night because it makes me feel super cozy and gets me ready to crawl into bed with a book.


This candle is not a true fall scent, but it has that fresh and warm feeling that makes the Fall so attractive. I love lighting this candle on a Saturday morning while I clean my kitchen and get organized for the weekend. It makes me feel motivated in a calm, luxurious way.

Which Fall candles have you been lighting this season? Comment below!

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