What My First Saturday Alone In My New Apartment Taught Me About Myself

I recently did something that I have been dying to do for years- I got my first apartment! Guys, when I tell I literally manifested this, I mean I really did. Ever since I was in high school, I have dreamed of living on my own. I thrive in my own space and being alone recharges me and promotes creativity. Almost 2 years ago, I attended a friends New Years Eve party in her new apartment. As soon as I stepped foot in it, I felt so connected to it and I knew that I wanted an apartment just like it. I thought of it all the time and would constantly remind her to let me know if any units in her building became vacant. Being that this building only holds 15 units, there were not any vacancies. I was disappointed and began to give up on the idea of living in that building. Over the pandemic it become very clear to me that I want to move out of my parent’s house ASAP. I have a good relationship with my parents and my sister, but I felt that I had outgrown the space and that staying would be holding me back. As COVID restrictions began to lessen, I decided to start looking more seriously for an apartment. As I was having trouble finding one, my friend told me that she would be moving back in with her mom and that her apartment would be available if I still wanted it. I was in awe that I would not only be getting an apartment in that building, but the exact one that I adored. Two weekends ago I moved in and it has been amazing. A coupe days after I moved in I received a promotion and raise at work, and this raise covers the cost of my monthly rent. It all feels so meant to be and I am so grateful that everything is working out so seamlessly.


Because I am working full time and have been busy moving everything in, I haven’t had a lot of chill time. This weekend was the first day that I spent significant time alone in the apartment. At first, I was eager to make plans and invite people over. I soon decided that instead of rushing to have people over, I wanted to embrace truly living on my own. In a short time, I feel that this move as already made me more independent. I spent the morning cleaning and running errands, and for the first time I didn’t consult anyone about what I was doing, I just did it. It is truly an amazing feeling to live on your own terms. I think it is really important to live on your own for a period of time if possible. It teaches you to provide for yourself and run your own world.


When you live on your own, accountability becomes inevitable. You can’t walk into the kitchen and see dishes in the sink and blame someone else. You can’t watch the laundry pile up and wonder why someone else didn’t do it. If you want to learn to take accountability for your actions, living alone will definitely help you to do so. While the examples I mentioned are more trivial, taking accountability will also seep into larger aspects of life. Soon you will work harder at your job because you will understand that there is no one else who is responsible for giving you the opportunities that you want. You may also find yourself taking more responsibility for the arguments you are in, because you will understand that your actions play a role in your outcomes.


Lastly, time on my own has truly opened my mind and helped me to be more creative. I find that the quiet time alone causes me to reach for my scrapbook and my camera more than it did before. I am less distracted and therefore beginning to see more beauty in the world around me. I find these calm, quiet moments to be very special and precious. I truly cherish this time and feel a lot more grateful for this colorful, abundant life that I am creating for myself.

This new chapter is already so life changing and eyeopening. I look forward to learning more about myself and designing this space in a way that feels authentic to me. For those of you who live alone, how has that experience impacted you?

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