Simple Ways I Am Turning My Bedroom Into A Peaceful Sanctuary

Two months ago I moved into a new apartment, and I have been slowly on a journey to make the space as comfortable and efficient as I can. I discovered that when I come home I want to feel three feelings: safe, comfortable, and inspired. I would like for this feeling to transfer to all part of my apartment, however for my bedroom, it is most important being that I spent the majority of my time there. While yes, I am concerned with the aesthetic of my bedroom, having a tranquil place to lay your head is important for reasons far beyond aesthetics. Sleep is critically important for wellbeing and overall function for both the mind and the body. In order to optimize your sleep, it is important to optimize your space. When you feel asleep in a safe and sound, comforting space, you are more likely to have quality sleep. I am still in the process of making my bedroom a sanctuary, but I wanted to share with you what I have done so far.


I decided to go for a simple and neutral look when it came to my bedding. I want something that feels clean and tranquil so that when I wake up and go to sleep my mind feels at ease. I decided to get the Casaluna Textured Chambray Cotton Comforter & Sham set in the shade ” Natural” from Target and paired it with this Threshold sheet set in the white/blue floral pattern so that it would add a fun, little pop of color. I also threw on this Polka Dot Pom Throw Blanket from Anthropologie, and added this gorgeous and super comfortable Cozy Boucle Pillow from Anthropologie. I really love how the bed came together. It is simple, clean, and so inviting. Every morning when I make my bed, I just want to jump right back into it because it looks so comfortable.

Crystal Corner

Ensuring that my space is packed with good vibes, is crucial in my bedroom design process. What better way to ensure positive energy than to add crystals. I love my little crystal collection that I have added to over the past couple of years. Crystals are thought to have healing properties and good energy. Even if you do not believe in the healing properties of crystals, you can still appreciate their natural beauty and use them as a visual reminder to stay centered and balanced. Next to my crystals, I have a salt lamp that my best friend got me for Christmas a couple years ago. I love this lamp because it has a dimmer that is perfect for adjusting depending on the time of day I have it on or if I want to leave it on while I sleep. I don’t know the exact brand of this one but here is a similar one from Target.


Part of making my bedroom a sanctuary is feeling truly safe and empowered there. My lovely reiki practitioner Jaime wrote me a list of affirmations that she feels would be beneficial for me to repeat everyday. I decided to write down the affirmations on sticky notes and post them on my bedroom mirror. This reminds me to repeat them to myself whenever I look in the mirror. I love how these notes also add a really personal and vulnerable touch to my bedroom.

Because I have other areas of my apartment that I want to focus on designing for a bit, I have decided to take a break on focusing as heavily on my bedroom, but there are still some touches I would like to make to optimize the chill energy in there. I am thinking of adding a cozy chair as well as some art work that has sunset tones. Continue checking out my blog so you can see more of my design progress!

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