Self Care Saturday: Quotes And Creativity

Lately I have been craving creativity and color. As I age, I find that my life has become a bit more mundane in my day to day life, and I want to bring back the spark of creativity. Jaime, my reiki practitioner, encouraged me to experiment with color and analyze how each different shade makes me feel. This experience was very eye opening to me because I truly felt how different colors had different impacts on my mood and focus. I found that brighter shades such as yellow and green make me feel more focused and motivated. I also that red and blue made me feel a bit less motivated, and more emotional. Of course outside factors such as situations I encouraged that day played a major role in my mood, it was also interesting to see the subtle influences the role of color played. This experience has inspired me to draw upon the power of color more often. One way I am doing this is by immersing myself in various hues. I am intentionally wearing more bright shades and decorating my apartment and my office desk with color.

Because this experience has been so impactful for me, I am passing it on to you. To practice self care this weekend, I encourage you to deep dive into creativity and color. Strong, bright colors can have a positive effect on the human psyche, making one feel energized and alert. Tap into the accessible resource of color and watch how it transforms your outlook and your day. This could mean wearing more bright hues, scribbling in a coloring book, or even cooking a dish with an assortment of radiant ingredients. Even if you prefer a neutral palette, you may find that you like how it feels to add some color and creativity to your everyday life.

Here are some bright colored phrases that I found on Pinterest to inspire you to feel optimistic and motivated today.

How will you intentionally experience color this weekend. Comment below!

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