Life In Color: The Significance Of The Color Yellow And How To Incorporate It Into Your Life

How much color do you add to your life? Are you dedicated to neutrals or have you committed to color? For a while, I gravitated almost entirely to neutral pieces. I felt uncomfortable with color. I thought it was too loud and not nearly chic enough. A couple weeks ago I decided to plan for the week ahead by spending my Sunday night picking out my outfits for the upcoming week. At the end of the process I looked at the clothes thrown on my oatmeal colored comforter, and noticed that every outfit was either black, white, or gray. I frowned at the pile, thinking to myself “how boring.” At that moment, I took a long look at my closet and decided I wanted to invest in more colorful pieces. I am a very creative person at heart, and I want my fashion to reflect that. Fast forward two weeks, and I was in a pretty down mood. I messaged my reiki practitioner and she decided to pull a card for me. The card she pulled was about none other than color. It gave me homework to wear a different color each day of the week and reflect upon how I feel wearing each color. Because of my experience a few weeks back, I was more than up for the challenge. During this week long reflection, I came to the conclusion that I feel the best when wearing the color yellow. Although I only have a couple yellow pieces in my closet, I have recognized that I feel most confident, motivated, and inspired when I wear yellow. This discovery prompted me to learn a bit more about this significant color.

Yellow is commonly associated with optimism, warmth, and cheerfulness. The bright shade is undeniably invigorating and stimulates nerves, glands, and the brain. The color yellow encourages communication and interaction. Due to its psychological affects, when wearing yellow one may feel cheerful, attentive, and warm. In some cases, yellow can also create frustration, as studies have shown that babies cry and people tend to loose their cool more often in yellow rooms.

Although most would agree that yellow is a positive color that makes them feel good, it normally does not go with the conventional, everyday color scheme. Here are some ways to incorporate this sunny shade into your everyday life without compromising your carefully curated aesthetic.

Yellow In The Home

No matter what your decor style is, adding a pop of yellow can create joy and optimism in your space. Some simple ways to add yellow to your home decor is through flowers, blankets, vases, art work and candles. This subtle pop of color will brighten your space in an effortless way.

Yellow In The Closet

Aside from home decor, another way to incorporate yellow in your life is through your appearance. Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to wait until the icicles start melting to break out your clothes that remind you of sunshine. You can add yellow pieces to your closet in the form of dresses, sweaters, hair accessories and earrings.

If you would like to feel the positive effects of this attention grabbing color, there are some many subtle ways to incorporate yellow into your daily life. Comment below how you add color to your daily life.

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