Finding Balance: How To Feel More Centered

It has recently become abundantly clear how important balance is in my life. I am a Gemini and for most of my life I have always felt like I am both good and bad. I thought having Gemini tendencies meant that I am not one thing, but I am many things, and those things range from being amazing to being terrible. I always saw the yin yang symbol and thought that the black was bitter, darkness and the white was pure goodness. I am realizing that is not true. Ying and yang has nothing to do with good and bad. It has to do with balance. Balance to experience all things at an equal level. Balance to be both logical and creative, hyper and calm, seated and standing. Craving both ends of the spectrum does not mean that you are both good and bad, it means that you are only good and you would like to experience a wide range of what this life has to offer.

I have come to find that a lack of balance is usually the very thing that can turn a good mood into something sour. Have you ever experienced a moment where you want to be reckless? You feel like an adrenaline junky that is trying to get your fix? This feeling doesn’t mean that your mind is irresponsible, it may just means that it is craving some excitement in your daily routine. Just as much as we need stability, we also crave moments of spontaneity and excitement.

Since I have become more aware of my need for balance, I have decided to shift my daily routine in a way that reflects and satisfies my natural desires. If I am not intentional my everyday routine will consist of quickly getting ready for work, sitting at a desk for 8+ hours, and watching Youtube for hours before falling asleep. Here are some changes that I have made in my life to be more balanced. These are simple and effective adjustments that you can implement into your life to feel more centered.

Prioritize Peace In The Morning

Waking up earlier does not only help me to accomplish more, but it also helps me to accomplish more of what I actually enjoy. I used to spend my morning before work running around my apartment getting dressed and making lunch for the day. I started waking up 2 hours before I have to leave for work (while still prepping for the work day the night before) and the satisfaction I feel about my mornings have increased drastically. I give myself time for me before work. Time to listen to balancing frequency music, read, or write. This also gives me time to really savor my iced coffee making experience and allow myself time to get creative with the process. When working, I dedicate most of my day to improving someone else’s business and I have little time to myself. Waking up earlier and choosing how I spend my morning allows me control and makes me feel more happy and balanced throughout the day.

Have Fun With Fashion

When I first started working 9-5 one of the first aspects that bothered me about corporate life was the dress code. Before my start in the corporate world I worked at Anthropologie as a sales associate and I truly enjoyed the process of getting dressed for a shift. I had felt bliss putting on a fun, creative outfit where I could express my creativity and femininity. If you know Anthropologie fashion, you would know that pineapple printed dresses and hair ties with billowing bows are not off limits. The corporate world is different, to say the least. Black is common color and no one would dare wear a bow in their hair out of fear of looking childish and not being taken seriously. I love fashion and expressing myself through my outfits, so naturally I started to feel sort of down when I repressed that side of myself on a daily basis. Since then, I have decided to incorporate more of my more daring or statement pieces into my work wardrobe. I make sure to look appropriate while still showing my personality. For example, today I am wearing a red jumpsuit and I have my hair pulled back with a hair tie that has a small patterned bow. Dressing like this makes me feel an element of play while I am working.

Experience Excitement and Aesthetics (So I Can Ditch Social Media)

For years I have abused social media. I made it an obsession when I should have used it as a tool and a creative outlet. When I was first beginning the process of stepping away from my social media addiction I decided to dig deep and figure why I have this obsession in the first place. I realized that part of what made me so addicted to social media was the fact that I could feel the sensation of living an exciting, more pleasurable life by vicariously living through others online. I was trying to compensate for a lack of excitement in my own life. All I needed to do was create more joy, design and pleasure in my own life. Not leaving room for fun and excitement made me feel down and caused me to search for it through social media. Now I understand that although I love stability and routine, I also need a fair amount of spontaneity.

Move My Body

Having a full time office job makes it difficult to move throughout the day. At this point, I have accepted the fact that I will be seated for most of my day. This is not healthy, but now the least that I can do is ensure that I am spending time moving my body when I am not at work. This means going for walks, taking the stairs, stretching, etc. When I exercise it feels like bliss. Our bodies craves movement just as much as they crave rest. Making time for both is key for a healthy body and mind.


At work, I spend 8 hours straight with my eyes glued to a screen. By midday my eyes feel tired and in need of break. Instead of coming home and forcing my eyes to consume more light, I close my laptop and opt for a book or craft instead. While it may at times more relaxing to consume media, when overdone, it will lead to crankiness, stress, and imbalance. It’s great to use the innovative creations that technology has provided us with, and it is also great to go back to the basics and take time away from technology.

Practice Mindfulness

I am a major overthinker. If I allow it, my mind will go in a million different directions all day long. Part of being balanced is knowing when to stop the endless cycle of thoughts and be present. If we allow our brain to run wild, we neglect the present and concentrate solely on our mind and thoughts. While our brains are strategic and an incredible tool, balance can only exist if we do not let it run overtime. I try to practice mindfulness throughout the day by reminding myself to stay present. When I take a shower my brain automatically wants to think. I create balance with my thoughts by reminding myself to shut my thoughts off and simply feel the water on my skin.

Balance is key to a fulfilling and happy life. When we shift too much to one side we feel unhappy and unbalanced. Pay attention to where you may be lacking balance in your life and make a conscious effort to re-center.

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