Monday Affirmation: Welcome To Joyville

I love affirmations. I mean, what’s better than a gentle reminder that life is great and you’re awesome? During December I was strolling through Target browsing for a secret Santa gift when I came across a deck of Affirmation cards. Affirmation cards display first person statements that are positive and uplifting. They typically create a sense of peace and confidence, and have proven to improve outlooks and perspectives. I sometimes struggle with confidence and have wanted to make an effort to build my self esteem and truly recognize the extent of my capabilities.

Because of my confidence journey, this deck instantly caught my eye and intrigued me. At first I bought them because I thought they would be a great option for a gift, but as time went on and I continued to glance at it in my pile of potential gifts, I decided to pick it out of the pile and set it on my nightstand.

I began to pick from the deck and found that these affirmations have deep meaning but is addressed in a light and playful way, making me really look forward to picking one up and smiling to myself while I embrace the wisdom listed on the card. My intention with picking the card is to find a message that resonates with me and carry it with me throughout the day.

Here is a message that I picked today that you can carry with you for the week:

“I release myself from any and all judgements. I find my inner critic, call it into my office, and tell it to take a vacation. As it leaves the room, I let out a sigh and begin to enjoy the joy of simply being. Who hired that guy anyway?”

I hope this message resonates with you and you allow yourself the joy of simply being. Release yourself from the pain of self criticism, and this week instead remind yourself of all the beauty within you and around you.

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