This Simple Coffee Hack Will Make Your Iced Lattes Even More Delicious

The perfect cup of coffee is a crucial part of my morning. Whether I am making it at home or buying it at my favorite local coffee joint, I want the temperature, shade , and flavor to be just perfect. I, personally, am an iced latte girl. After a cup of hot tea, I love for a nice cool and creamy coffee to follow. While I love making iced lattes at home, there have been times when it’s already tasting a little watered down by the time I get to work in the morning. I decided to amp up my at home coffee game by adjusting this simple trick from some of favorite coffee shops.

Think: Ice Cubes.

Trading in your plain water ice cubes for coffee cubes or milk cubes, will make your coffee taste even better as the day goes on. When the ice inevitably melts down, instead of leaving you with a watery latte, the cubes will add to the flavor by either adding more milk or more coffee, your choice! I personally opt for milk cubes because the espresso I use is already pretty strong, and I like for the milk to add more creaminess. The best part of this trick is that it’s so easy. It doesn’t require shelling out money for fancier beans or adding a ton of syrups. All you need to do is pour some coffee or milk in an ice cube tray and voila! A perfect cup of joe!

Comment below what your coffee tips and tricks are!

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