5 Ways To Make Your Shelves More Chic

There are many ways to add character to your home. Adding personal and artistic touches is a simple way to build on the personality of your space and create a more homey, authentic environment. Never underestimate the power of personal style and the ways in which it can inspire and promote creativity. Shelving is a common element of many rooms due to it’s ability to add storage without taking out prime floor and counter space. When well-curated, a shelf that will ordinarily look boring, will take on an air of sophistication and add a undeniably chic touch. It can also give the entire room a refresh.


A fresh and unexpected coat of paint is a simple and effective way to give a shelf an update. Swapping a classic wooden design for a rustic white or an industrial black will shift the energy of the room and give it a major revamp. Unexpected colors like blue or yellow add a fun and lighthearted element to the room, which can serve as a way to allow your personality to shine through. If you have a room that is mostly plain, adding a shelf with a pop of color will add life to an otherwise bland room.


Candles are a design staple because they are a multipurpose product. Picking a candle with a vessel that matches your aesthetic allows you to have a beautiful and functional décor piece. You can buy candles at any price point and can repurpose the vessel as a vase or pen holder when the wax burns out. You can also contribute to the feel of the room using fragrance. If you have a shelf with masculine pieces such was woods or leather, adding a candle to the shelf that has notes of tobacco or leather will compliment the aesthetic of the shelf.


Vases are another simple and cost effective way to add personal touches to a room. When adding vases to a shelf, consider size and functionality. Do you want a piece that is bold or neutral? Do you want your shelf to promote creativity or peace? If you are opting for a serene vibe, consider neural, earthy hues such as cream or beige. If you are interested in a more bold design, opt for eccentric patterns with color.


Books are a timeless home décor option. Not only do books with interesting spines look good on a shelf, but they also spark conversation with guests. Some of my favorite books to throw on a shelf are books that have inspired me and books that are fun to flip through due to bright photographs and visual storytelling.


Nothing makes a shelf look more personal than adding personal photographs. These days, it seems that people don’t have photographs displayed around their home as much as they used to. Not only do photographs add a personal touch, but they also make a room feel more intimate and inviting. To make the photograph even more chic you can put it in a frame that compliments other elements of the room. For example, if you curated a rustic feel in the room, adding a wooden frame to the shelf will compliment those other elements. You can also use the frame to create contrast. For example, if you have an all white shelf with a white vase, a black frame will result in a shelf space that looks less matchy and more balanced.

How do you elevate your shelf? Comment below!

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