How To Take A Vibey Bath And Why You Should

Baths are amazing. They really are, you can’t fight me on this. As kids, we take them all the time and we would laugh, splash and overall have a great time. Then, one day we get older and stop taking baths even though they were such a fun part of the day. Bubble baths are so nostalgic to me because I used to take a bubble bath with my sister everyday as a kid. I remember whenever we were running low on bath soap my mom would take me to the supermarket and let me smell all the aromatic soaps to see which one I wanted to take home with me. It felt so special to have that experience catered to me. Bath time does not have to be just for kids, in fact, it shouldn’t be. There are many scientifically proven reasons that people should continue taking baths. Water is a natural element and is extremely healthy to be submerged in. Studies have shown that taking a bath with water past your chest, leaving your head out, can have a good influence on the lung capacity and oxygen intake. Hydrotherapy can also help people who suffer from multiple sclerosis because the temperature and pressure of the water has the ability gently relieve discomfort and pain in the spine. Also, submerging in water can reduce pain and inflammation and can calm the nervous system, reducing stress and anxiety in the body. This will help to improve your overall mood. There are many unhealthy ways to cope from a stressful day, such as eating junk food, drinking alcohol, or binge watching your favorite show. While those things can be fun, they should be done in moderation and it isn’t healthy for the body and mind to use those as ways to destress. Taking a bath is a much healthier (and just as simple) way to destress at the end of the day. If you would like to further elevate your bath experience by adding some spa-like touches, keep reading to find out how to turn your ordinary bath into a vibey experience.

Bath bomb

Bath bombs are a simple way to add invigorating scents and galaxy like colors to a bath. Throw a bath bomb into your water filled tub and watch as it erupts into a gorgeous colors.


Add a touch of serenity by having a candle lit bathroom. The dim lighting will make the bathroom feel more romantic and spa-like.

Flower petals

Speaking of romance, nothing screams romance quite like flower petals. Grab a small bouquet from your local market and pluck the petals off of a couple roses and throw them right on the surface of the water. How often do you clean yourself in rose petal infused water? I’m going to take a wild guess and say probably never! Your bath experience will feel so much more elevated and special when you put in this little added effort.

Water with lemon

If you like your bath to be super hot, you may find that the room feels more like a sauna than a bathroom. Stay hydrated by pouring yourself a glass of ice water with lemon. You can even had cucumber and mint to make it taste more like a mojito (except 10x more hydrating). Check out my post Quick Detox Water Recipe for a simple recipe.

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