The Cure For Midday Headaches

Ever since I started working full time in marketing I started to get an afternoon headache. Before working full time I was probably the only person I knew who had only gotten a headache a couple times in my entire life. When it became a usual occurrence I decided to really get to the bottom of this new afternoon delight. After shopping in Anthropologie I found that they had blue light glasses that claimed to help block the harsh blue light from computers and phones, and help with headaches, sore eyes, and disruptive sleep. After doing some research, I found that these glasses:

Alleviate eye discomfort: Blue-light glasses reduce eye strain and enhance focus.

Improve Sleep: The blue-light that is transmitted from screens can keep you up all night. Blue-light glasses reduce your eyes’ exposure to the harsh light from screens and promote a restful sleep.

I finally decided to try blue-light glasses for myself and was pleased to find that they helped with my afternoon headache issue as well as gave me better quality sleep. Here are some pairs that will keep you stylish and your eyes healthy:

Lucy Blue Light Glasses

Daisy Eyeglasses

Bixby Blue Light Glasses

Haskell Eyeglasses


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