How To Decorate Your Nightstand Like An Interior Designer

It is the last thing you see when you go to bed and the first thing you see when you wake up. You lay your most prized possession (your phone) on it while you are asleep, and throw your lip balm on it when you are done applying. You want it to look nice but it ends up being the place where you throw your junk. Your bedroom would feel completely incomplete without it.

It’s your side table.

Side tables are essential, but they also can be cool and the focal point of your bedroom. Refresh your space and upgrade your room by adding some personality to your side table. It doesn’t have to be anything intimidating or gaudy, some simple touches can transform your space and make your side table the thing you actually want to roll over and see first thing in the morning.

Of course you can decorate it anyway you would like, but here is my philosophy. I want the space to look comforting. It’s where I keep some of my most personal and most used belongings. If you want to create an inviting and serene side table here is what you can use.

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I like keeping crystals on my nightstand because they are calming energy and add a centered, balanced touch. Crystals are thought you have positive energy and healing properties, making them the perfect thing to keep close. Whether you believe in their healing powers or not, they still add a decorate touch. I like to keep a couple scattered on the nightstand because it adds an effortlessly cool touch and will make all your friends think you’re a zen, wellness junkie (lol).

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Having a candle on a side table serves two purposes. On one hand, it looks great, and on the other hand, you can light it at night before bed when you want to wind down. I love decorative pieces that are both visually pleasing and functional. There are so many gorgeous candles with decorative packaging that you are sure to find one that fits your style. I recently won this massive Confetti Glass Candle in a raffle and I am trying to figure out where to put it because it is such a beautiful piece and can be the focal point to any room. I’m thinking my nightstand may just have a new friend!


Books are one of my favorite items to decorate with. I love keeping books on display that have beautiful covers and sentimental value. Whether it is a book that motivates a positive mindset or a book that simply evokes good memories, having a book that you like on your nightstand can potentially remind you to stay in a desired mindset. Plus, when you’re in bed and bored you can reach out and grab your favorite book. Win, win!

Floral arrangement

Flowers are a sign of life and the most intimate room in your home deserves to be filled with life. I love flowers and I believe that they should be in the home everyday, not just on special occasions. Arranging a floral bouquet or even a plant on your nightstand will make you feel special and allow you to act from a place of confidence. You can switch out fresh flowers every few weeks or opt for low maintenance dried flowers.

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Coaster are another one of those pieces that can be both decorative and functional. I take my vitamins at night so I always have either water or tea on my nightstand. In order to protect my nightstand (and make a fashion statement), I like to use an aesthetically pleasing coaster. This agate coaster from Anthropologie is a classic piece that will add spice to your nightstand. If your bedroom is more rustic you may like these wooden coasters from Target.

Hand cream

Hand cream is a staple for me. I love having smooth skin all over my body, especially my hands. I feel like a mess when my hands are dry! After doing my skincare routine at night I like to dry my hands and apply my hand cream in bed. It feels so good to get moisturized and then crawl under the cover. Right now I’m using the Barr-Co. Original Scent Hand Cream. It is 98% natural and leaves me hands smelling and feeling amazing.

These small changes are simple and can turn an otherwise boring and personality-less nightstand into something with true character. What must-haves do you have on your nightstand? Comment below!

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