This Creative Outlet Doubles As A Manifestation Technique

If you know me, you know I love being creative. I don’t always give myself a creative outlet, but I am learning the importance of it. It is so important to allow yourself to have fun and let your creativity shine. When we age we become more practical and calculated, forgetting how good it feels to just be free and fun. My friend Danielle recently reminded me of the importance of this, so I decided to implement it. When I was in high school I had a tumblr and was obsessed with updating it every single day (I used to exceed the post limit on a daily basis. It was bad). I just absolutely loved having a creative outlet to like and reblog quotes and photos that inspired me. During that time, I also started a scrapbook. This scrapbook was like my own, personal vision board filled with cool photos and inspiring quotes. I worked on it all the time and would look at it even more often. I still have it to this day and remember how much joy that project sparked. After Danielle reminded me of the importance of playing, I decided to start scrapbooking again!

Scrapbooking is awesome because it:

  • Gets your creative juices flowing
  • Lowers stress levels
  • Keeps you inspired

As I was starting to select photos from my scrapbook I realized that I was subconsciously judging myself for what I gravitated to. I never used to do that and I was sort of sad to see that I became insecure, even with something that isn’t to be shared with someone else. I decided that throughout this process I would resist judging myself for what I gravitate to. I like what I like and that is okay. My scrapbook is basically just a book of vibes and cool photos that either I took or found on the internet. I already love it and want to use it as a coffee table book!

I figured I would share my scrapbook with all of you as i continue to work on it. I encourage you all to start your own scrapbook or find another creative outlet that brings you joy.

I am only on the first page but i am super excited to keep going and to keep you all informed with how it begins to flow and what I learn from this process of playing.

Let’s grow together.

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