Weekend In Photos: Anthropologie, Sushi, and Margaritas

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had an amazing Halloween. I hope you’re all staying safe and protecting yourselves while also making the most out of the new normal. What did you guys do for Halloween this year? Every year I tell myself I’m going to wear a costume and do something fun for Halloween, yet I haven’t dressed up and really celebrated Halloween since high school (oh well lol). Either way, I love the spooky season and the mischievous and cozy vibe that it has whether I actively do something or not.

On Halloween I worked a short weekend shift at Anthropologie (aka my favorite place) and I was surprised to find that they have gone full-fledged Christmas. They even started playing Christmas music! Normally I’m not really into the idea of getting into the Christmas spirit on Halloween, it just seems a little overeager, but this year I actually really appreciate it. The decorations and gift options are so good this year! I’m holding out a little bit before I buy holiday decor but I’m so happy that now I know exactly what I want. They had so many great mugs like the Ralphie Holiday Mug and BIRDCANFOX Joyeux Noel Mug and different kinds of pretty wrapping papers and kitchenware. One of my favorite ways of spicing up my home decor during the holidays.is breaking out my Christmas dishtowels. I can’t wait to get some new ones this year! As you guys may know, I’m trying to reconnect with fashion again. My essential self craves fashion and feels best when I’m curating my personal style. I decided to add some pieces to my wardrobe and I’m really happy with what I picked out. I got the Novia Jonatan Be Strong Thermal Graphic Top, Sunny Cropped Cardigan, and the Sanctuary Runway Leggings.

I love the Novia Jonatan Be Strong Thermal Graphic Top because it’s casual, yet elevated. I feel more put together wearing this than I would in an ordinary plan t-shirt. I like that it’s sort of cropped because if I wear this with jeans and belt it allows me to show off the belt, adding more style to an otherwise rather plain look. You can wear this top casually with sweatpants or jeans, or you can dress it up by pairing it with leather pants and give it more of an edgy vibe.

I picked out the cropped Sunny Cropped Cardigan because unlike most of my sweaters I don’t have anything cropped like this. I think this sweater is very feminine and versatile. You could wear it open with a cami or on its own buttoned all the way up or pulled off the shoulder. I really love this piece, I find it to be really sexy in a sophisticated way.

Lastly the Sanctuary Runway Legging are the perfect winter staple that I know I’m going to live in. I love camo and I’ll be able to pair this with so many other pieces. I can dress it both down and up depending on the vibe that I’m going for.

I feel really good about adding to my wardrobe and allowing me to be me. I love fashion and I already feel so much happier now that I have been focusing on it more. Do you think fashion impacts your mood?

After work my sister and I went to dinner at Fire & Oak in Montvale, NJ. I love the vibe of this restaurant, it’s very sensual and sophisticated. I ordered a volcano sushi roll and shared a marghteria pizza with my sister. I also ordered a classic margarita with a splash of pineapple. I’m trying to eat pretty clean this week but I decided to let treat myself that night because it was a holiday after all! The food came out so good and I really enjoyed having a more formal dinner. I haven’t really dressed up in awhile so It was to throw heels on for a change.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

I’m grateful that indoor dining is available again so that I can have nights like this with my loved ones. I had a great weekend and I’m looking forward to the holidays and all the festivities that comes along with that time of year. What are you guys looking forward to?

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