Notes From The Weekend: Holiday Stress and Himalayan Salt

Happy Sunday! I wanted to take some time to catch up with you all. I have had a very busy couple of months and as a result, neglected one of the pass times I love the most: writing. I moved into my new apartment mid November and it is starting to come together! I am still waiting on my couch and arm chair, but it is really feeling like home. I am so happy that I took a leap of faith and moved in. It’s very cozy and acts as my safe haven. I will definitely show the final result when I finish decorating.

I am going to be honest, I have been extremely stressed lately. The company that I am working with is growing and my work load is growing with it. I am completing so many tasks that I have never completed before and it is leaving me feeling stressed and unsure of myself. I know that in the long-run this helping me to grow and become more well versed, but it also is giving me anxiety. I am trying to remember that the anxiety is a result of how I look at the situation and not the situation itself. My sister has noticed how stressed I have been lately and she was so sweet as to treat me to a massage last night! Guys, I realized that sometimes when I’m stressed and think I need a vacation, I may just need a massage. It felt amazing! I had a 50 minute Himalayan salt hot stone massage. My body NEEDED that. The salt stone felt very healing and the blend of the heat, soft spa music, and light pressure from the massage, settled my body and my mind. I want to start getting massages on a monthly basis. I have not been showing myself enough love lately and I think a monthly massage is a great way to take myself on a date and keep me feeling healthy.

Since work has been busy, I felt like I needed a creative outlet. I work as a regional property manager and the work is more straightforward than I am used to (I studied global communications and media in college), and I have felt like I need a creative outlet to help get me through. I love aromatherapy and the overall concept of self love and tapping into the authentic self. I started making essential oil rollers that are infused with crystals and dried flowers! I am going to start an Etsy page and I am so excited to start selling these! When the page is up and running I will definitely post on here so you guys can order one if you would like. Check out a sneak peak below!

I cannot believe that Christmas is only a couple days away! I hope you are all finishing up your shopping and enjoying the season and the magic in the air. I am trying to stay in the holiday feel despite how stressed I may feel. I am also looking forward to the new year and all the new experiences and journeys that it will bring me!

What have you been up to?

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