Self Care Saturday: A Week In Pins & Letting Go Of Resistance

For as long as I can remember I have been told in some way that I am tense. Whether it was my parents telling me to chill out or my therapist telling me that I may want to consider myself a perfectionist, it seems that everyone has this idea that I could benefit from swallowing a couple chill pills. Even my manicurist is no stranger to urging me to relax my hands. I will admit, I am a bit high strung. I think I was probably born somewhat this way, as well as have developed rather un-chill tendencies throughout my life because of my experiences and outlook. After years and years of this behavior, I can feel it physically in my body. I go through periods of holding on to extra weight, breaking out, and feeling anxious. After taking the best medicine- a vacation- it became clear to me that my resistance to living my truth and feeling happy is holding me back from being truly healthy. It does not matter how well you eat or how much you work out, if your mind is unhealthy, your body will follow. It is extremely easy to have realizations about what you want to do and who you want to be, while continuing to live with the same unhealthy and dangerous patterns. It has become alarming clear how much I have been holding myself back.

While at work yesterday, I felt the urge to whip out my phone and document the words that were flooding through my head. To my surprise, it turned out to be a beautiful mantra that went like this:

Today I am going to be happy. Actually happy. Really, truly happy and I am not going to be afraid of it. Today I am going to have energy. Real and true energy. Today I am going to stay away from anyone or anything that drains my energy. I will politely and enthusiastically part ways with anyone or anything that is bringing my vibration down. I will choose to believe the best in others and myself. I will assume that I am loved and being treated with love. I will treat others with love and compassion.

Repeat this mantra, feeling the words and envisioning how good it will feel to manifest this reality.

Because it is #SelfCareSaturday I also wanted to share some pins that I came across that week on Pinterest. I hope these beautiful images inspire you in the same way they inspire me.

love the large white tub with the in-wall shelving #bathroomdesign #bathroomdecor #modernhome

What do you all have planned for this weekend? Comment below!

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