Good Morning Habits To Ensure A Good Day

First impressions are crucial. They can make or break your experience with someone or something. If you stayed at 5 star hotel in Turks and Caicos during a hurricane and power outage, you probably wouldn’t be interested in visiting the island again. Or if you went on a date with someone who talked about themselves the whole time and ate only with their hands, even if it was out of character for them, you probably wouldn’t be able to ever see them as someone with manners and table etiquette. Every single day we have an opportunity to make a good first impression with our day. A new day is a new beginning and a chance to have a positive meeting that will create a positive experience. Having a positive morning sets the tone for your thoughts and experiences throughout the rest of the day. Here are my good morning habits that set me up for an intentional and positive day.

Start Your Morning With Gratitude and a Prayer

Intentions don’t begin after coffee, they begin the moment you open your eyes. Starting your day with a humble prayer and recognition of all the positivity in the world causes your mind to exercise positive thinking and therefore attract more positivity. You get more of whatever you focus on, meaning if you choose to see the bad you’ll see more of it. If you choose to see good, you’ll see more good throughout the day. I like to pray and list in my head three things that I’m grateful for in my life. This reminds me that no matter what happened yesterday or what could be happening today, there are always things to be grateful for.

Don’t Pick Up Your Phone Right Away

Humans are wired to react to everything. Some reactions may be so subtle that we don’t even notice we’re reacting at all. When we scroll on social media or check messages and emails as soon as we open our eyes in the morning, we make ourselves vulnerable to reacting negatively to information. If you wake up in the morning, roll over and immediately start scrolling through Instagram you’re beginning your day with comparison, which can lead to stress and poor self-esteem. Instead, it’s best to start the day making intentions and reflecting on your blessings, instead of watching what other people are doing.

Give Yourself Time

Nothing get’s anxiety going quite like being rushed. Being in a rush can turn into a toxic cycle of hitting the snooze button too many times, having to rush a shower, wear whatever is closest in the closet, skip breakfast, and anxiously look over your shoulder for cops as you’re speeding to the office. It’s not even 9am yet and you’ve already put yourself in multiple anxiety inducing situations. One of my the most peaceful parts of my day is when I sit in the morning and drink my tea or coffee and can really enjoy it instead of rushing out the door. I like to give myself an hour and a half to get ready everyday so I can leisurely complete my skincare routine, eat my favorite breakfast (pancakes, eggs, and a green juice), and wear an outfit I love as I take my time driving to work while I listen to my favorite songs on Spotify.

I hope sharing my habits can inspire others to slow down, become intentional about their actions, and start their day on the right foot. Share your good morning habits in the comments!


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