3 Planning Rituals That Will Start Your Week Right

Don’t you just love those weeks where you feel so at peace and productive? Those times when you effortlessly get your work done and end the week feeling like a superhero? Me too! Most weeks I have a general idea of what I want to accomplish and I work through those tasks when I feel like it. As you can probably imagine, I don’t work very hard when I’m working only when I feel like it. I would much rather have every week/day/moment of my life feel full of energy and intentional. Why should it only happen occasionally? Those gracefully productive weeks don’t have to be a serendipitous accident, they can happen on purpose. With some mindfulness and intention you can make every week be as a productive as those.

Plan with detail

One of the bigger issues is knowing you want to get something done but not reallyyyyy knowing what it is or how it is going to be accomplished. If you want to be more intentional with what you do, you need to plan for it. Get a planner and jot down what you would like to accomplish each day. Be as specific and detailed as possible. For example, if you want to tidy up don’t just write “clean house.” Chances are you don’t mean you would clean the entire house. Instead write “clean bathroom and kitchen.” This way the goal is more attainable and you have more measurable goals that you can use to keep yourself accountable.

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Dress With Intention

When you look good you feel good. I find that being intentional with the clothes that I wear and making sure to wear an outfit that I like, helps me to perform on a higher level. When I feel good about myself I see myself as a better version of me and therefore start acting as an elevated version of myself in other aspects. Even if you’re not a stylist, you can still add some intentionality to your looks. Put aside some time before the week starts to go through your closet. Look through your pieces and see which ones you gravitate to most. Once you have gone through them, take out 5-7 options and move them towards the front of the closet or drawers. This way, even if you’re not laying out all the pieces ahead of time, you still have your favorite ones in grabbing distance making it more likely for you to throw those on.

Start a routine (and stick to it)

Having a routine is a useful way to ensure that your mind is focusing on tasks on hand and working to accomplish them. Routines provide order and structure, allowing you to make time for your priorities, ensuring that you actually get to them. It is best to have both a morning routine and a nighttime routine. Having these in place will keep your days organized and structured. Some aspects of your morning routine may include doing a quick workout, making breakfast, or reading a book. Your nighttime routine may include reading, doing a skincare routine, and some light stretching. There is no right or wrong way to have a routine, however it is important to be mindful that you don’t add anything that will drain your energy or make you anxious. For example, you probably really don’t want to add checking emails or social media to your morning routine because it will result in starting your day in a more anxious state of mind.

Schedule fun

If you are going to work hard, you may as well play hard too. If you look at your planner and all you see all day is work, work, and some more work, you will not be very excited about your week. Just because you’re a go-getter, getting things done, doesn’t mean your life has to be boring! Enjoy the process of your work and also enjoy the moments in-between. Whether it’s a a coffee date, a trip to a quaint town, or that new exercise class you have been dying to try, schedule in something exciting to look forward to during the week. You will more motivated to work when you know you have some fun coming your way too.

Setting a level of intention in everything that you do will allow you to make time for the things that truly matter to you. At first it may seem constricting, but you will soon find that it sets you free and allows you experience your life in a more authentic way. How will you set yourself up for a good week?

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