Following Passion Is Overrated. Follow This.

So many of my creative friends are the type of people who wear many hats. They love art, music, entrepreneurship, wellness, etc. I myself am this type of person. There is not just one thing that I love, I love many things and have many interests. As a kid I wanted to be a doctor/ice skater, I mean, talk about range. As a kid, I was praised for this. Adults thought it was cool that my interests were so broad and that I was shooting high. As I got older, I realized that athletics and science are just not my forte. However, I still see myself as someone who craves many different career experiences. If you are like me, as you have grown older, you may found that people are no longer supportive of your various interests. Instead of being seen as a zealous kid, they see you as an adult who just can’t quite make up their mind. Maybe you have been the butt of jokes or the one who is always criticized and laughed at.

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Everyone talks about following your passion. The saying “do what you love and you won’t work a day in your life” is thrown around endlessly to those starting out in their careers. While it is great to follow your passion, there are many people out there, including myself, who don’t have one passion. I am a true Gemini and I find myself craving continuous stimulation and getting bored when I don’t have it. I cannot imagine myself being that person who tells their grandkids about the job that they worked for the last 40 years. I admire those who thrive from consistency, however it is also great and just as admirable to explore the many different joys and pleasures that life has to offer. No matter what you do, I believe that it is important to do it from a place of curiosity and interest, rather than a place of obligation and fear. If you love consistency, continue being consistent. If you hate consistency but feel it is the only way for you to create a living or be accepted, it may be time to quit that job you have been working for the past 10 years and start following your curiosity.

Instead of getting down about not knowing what you want to do with your life, follow your curiosity and see where it takes you. It may not be a straight and narrow path, it may be bumpy and seemingly chaotic. People might view you as more unstable than as a free spirit. Regardless, following what interests you and pairing it with dedication and hard work is never a bad idea.

Where is your curiosity leading you? Mine is leading me to travel and live a more creative and outdoorsy life. Comment below where your curiosity is leading you.

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